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 Year 2114, the year of the green tea. I will tell you a strange bit of history taken place in this land, not only once but twice in 200 years. Humanity closed many pages in their progress, new ways of thinking was now possible, now that we lost most of the materials things we valued so much in the history, oil, wealth, military power only buzzwords to us new generation of Ecebatins, all that is now irrelevant and just a memory of violent times of the past. We no longer compete to destroy but to build. We now have the pipe network, pipe for transportation, pipes to communicate, pipes to share wealth with the world, pip e trading networks are everywhere, and everything is done with pipes in 2014.

In the future, we transport people, water, oil and all solids via giant pipes from one place to other.

This is one of the biggest inventions of this century due to the cost of other transportation methods. Aside from bubble sails and wind electricity.

This extensive use of pipe networks simplified the transport of goods and people and made it affordable as well.

Population was getting larger as houses and apartments units are getting tinier. Apartment units are more like boxes; privacy is a joke these days. Food and energy is severally rationed and there is no hunger, not in this land anyway. Most hills are occupied with only few things, Wind generators, gardens, and yes many pipes to water them as well.

Travel & Adventure
March 5
Celal boz
Draft2Digital, LLC

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