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The mighty storm wrecking havoc on the city and the ensuing fire engulfs Dr. Kite's warehouse, destroying his experiments and the ugly truths hidden in the depth of its high walls.

In the aftermath, Kite escapes from the city to the safety of a small coastal town, where nobody knows him ... or do they?

The three women, their lives previously altered by his novel mind-control chips, forge another life. Will Gigi hold on to true love? Ellen has lost weight but gained a bundle of joy. Does she tell the baby's father? Will Lilly's new business succeed? 

They're changing their lives to find happiness again. This time, taking a journey of self-discovery and risks of their own choosing. 

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 23
Jane Suen
Jane Suen LLC

Customer Reviews

kirchersmiles ,

Loved it!!

Game Changer: Book 2 of the Alterations Trilogy by Jane Suen

5 Stars

I LOVED this book, but that's not a surprise because I love every one of this authors books. I've read them all and can not wait for the next.

I wasn't even aware that there was another book coming after Alterations and when I saw it and then saw that its a trilogy??? This author writes in a way that when you pick her books up you have no idea what you may be in for. Every one of them are different and this to me is awesome!!

This story carried on from the first, the 3 ladies that Dr. Kite “helped” have now started moving on with their lives, and each one dealing with their own good and bad.

Dr. Kite is again up to something, and I loved reading his parts of this story.. I don't know why he fascinates me so much but he does...Would I trust him if he showed up at my door? Ehhh, maybe to an extent.

Bring on the 3rd!! I can't wait...This author has a style all her own and she is an immediate one click for me.

Loved it!!

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