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I don’t want anything to do with my crazy family’s drama, which I’ve been watching unfold from a distance over the last year, but now my grandfather has Alzheimer’s and I feel I need to at least make a quick visit to see him. My hockey season’s over, all I have to do is get through my teammate Steve’s wedding, and then I’m on a plane to Los Angeles to do my family duty. After that, I’ll head home to Manitoba for some summer R&R at the family lake cottage.


Molly Flynn

Nobody’s expecting what happens at my wedding, which becomes pandemonium. I need to get out of there. Fast. Who do I turn to? Jackson Wynn, one my fiancé’s teammates. He’s been a friend to me since I met Steve. For one night, we hide out in his condo, but he’s leaving in the morning for California. I want to go with him.



I can’t take Steve’s fiancée with me to California. He’s going to flip shit over this. But the lying cheating bastard kind of deserves it, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Molly. Or maybe not so soft…because she’s not only sweet and kind, she’s hot as hell. This is a bad idea for so many reasons, and I sure as hell don’t need more drama in my life, but I can’t say no to her.


On this nutso trip, neither of us expect Molly to bond with my bonkers family…especially my poor, confused grandpa. And neither of us expect to bond with each other…

June 9
Kelly Jamieson
Kelly Jamieson Inc

Customer Reviews

12toot ,

Unexpected love!

I loved Jackson and Molly! The road to love for a bride who walked off in the middle of her wedding and a teammate of the groom’s wasn’t expected by anyone, including them. Their friendship started out as natural and not a manufactured set up, which was refreshing. It was nice catching up with other members of the Wynn family as Jackson came to terms with a lot of his assumptions about some family members were proven wrong with Molly’s insights. This was an easy read and hard to put down. It left me with a good feeling. I love authors who can make feel that way!

Astroyic ,

Best Wynn Yet!

So fun, sweet and sexy! This was a charming, entertaining, fast paced read that had a nice bit of emotion, playfulness, a lot of heart and the perfect amount of heat. It is definitely a mixture of tropes, since it is a mix of friends to lovers, sports romance, and second chance romance. I truly adore the Wynn family a lot. There is such a great dynamic there, with the siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and the grandfather, but this time there was also some major building and repairing of relationships that is so needed.

When Jackson Wynn (Jax) shows up for the wedding of his teammate and friend Steve Shevchuk to his fiancé Molly, he is totally floored as well as everyone else, when Molly reads some explicit texts that Steve sent to someone named Claire and announced there would be no wedding. Since Jax and Molly have become close due to their love of trivia he goes to check on Molly, but soon finds himself helping Molly escape and he takes her back to his place.

Molly Flynn Is a third grade teacher who had just moved in with her fiancé, or ex-fiancé now, with no where to live. She begs Jax to let her go to California with him to help her get away from the media fall-out, and her ex. But when there are no extra rooms, she is soon staying in a one bedroom hotel suite with him. But soon they find that their time together is a real Game changer!

Watching Jax and Molly come together was fantastic. Molly helps him with family issues at every turn. I loved watching him grow and change through this story. He was just so sweet and tender, and Molly was so supportive and positive they were just so good for each other. But my favorite part is... wouldn’t you like to know. Read it, so you can find your own!

KindleKat64 ,

Another Win for the Wynn Family!

I love this series so much! I hate to pick a favorite Wynn, as I adore this hockey family, but I do think it's possible that Jackson "Jax" Wynn may just be mine! He won my heart over from the start when he comes to the rescue of his friend and trivia partner Molly Flynn when she finds herself in a pretty crappy situation. The fact that he does this despite the awkward situation it could put him in with one of his teammates, really made me swoon.
I love Molly too, she is a teacher and is just so sweet. But she is strong and does not put up with any crap. That's how she ends up needing a diversion from her life and luckily Jax is more than happy to oblige.
I absolutely loved watching Jax and Molly's friendship morph almost daily into so much more. It may take a while for them to come to the realization that they really could be more than friends if they just allow it to happen, but when they do, it's magical. They have such amazing chemistry and so much in common and eventually are able to open up and talk to each other about everything, which is very helpful in their other relationships.
I just adore them together and loved their journey to happily ever after.
So many emotional and heartwarming things happen in this story that were a long time coming in the Wynn family dynamic! I loved this book!

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