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So here we are.

We are at a crossroads that we have tried to avoid but in fact it was a no-go from the start. Humanity has been slacking on all fronts. We have neglected large and important issues. We have turned away from trouble on our paths in order to seek fame and fortune. We have been kicking the can down the road, pushing problems out in front of us, silently hoping they would go away all by themselves.

They didn’t of course. Like they would have. There is no such thing as an easy solution.

All kinds of problems have gathered at the crossroads we have reached. We find ourselves on a planet that is overstressed, overcrowded, overburdened, overexploited, overregulated. There is no more time to waste. No more time to sit and hope for the best. No more time to wait for some unseen force to make the nasty obstacles dissolve. It’s Game Ov3r for indecisiveness, and if we do not want to agree on that as people on this planet, it may well mean Game Ov3r for all of us.

Wait. Hold on a minute.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a book about brand marketing? What’s all this about – all this gloomy pondering about a future that’s obviously not too bright? Rest assured: yes, we are still on the same page. This is still about brand marketing. The simple truth is that this subject cannot be seen independently from what is happening right now. Brand marketing has to be seen in the context of the turmoil surrounding us now on all sides. We are experiencing a colossal shift in the way we think, work and live – and on a scale that will make the Industrial Revolution look like a tiny step forward for mankind.

Does traditional marketing have a future in our technology-driven world? How does one go about it in today’s over-regulated, over-transparent, over-stressed markets? Do you go for value or volume? That’s the billion-dollar question for many brands and corporations. So skip marketing x.0! Go back to the future of marketing and make tough choices today. Find out how in Brandhome’s new book, Game Ov3r.

Erik may not have intended it, but his book is also about sociology and politics.
Claude Guéant, former Chief of Staff to President Nicolas Sarkozy'

This book puts all megatrends in perspective and provides any organization with a toolkit on how to tackle the future.
Frank de Moor, CEO & Chairman Executive Board, Q-Park

Game Ov3r is a wake-up call, one no business or industry can afford to ignore.
Ari Epstein, CEO, Antwerp World Diamond Centre

Game Ov3r is a topographical map of the current global business environment as seen by a seasoned, global marketer.
Mark T. Smith, Director Brand Synergy, Miami Ad School

Game Ov3r offers brilliant insights and challenging thoughts on how to cope with a revolution that has only started.
Axel Miller, CEO, D’Ieteren'

Opt into the content of this book, or join the dinosaurs on a beach somewhere in southern Europe.
Eric Kuisch, CTO, Vodafone

An urgent reminder for organizations, brands and corporations that they need to adapt to the new reality ... or risk extinction.
Peter De Keyzer, Chief Economist, BNP Paribas Fortis

Disruption and change are not just trendy words – they are processes we will have to apply every minute of every day.
Christophe Degrez, CEO, Eneco

Game Ov3r is a critical piece on modern marketing in Europe and a sound guidebook to becoming a winner.
Santiago Argelich, COO, VimpelCom Group

Game Ov3r is the “bible” to have on hand at all times, just to check if you’re doing the right thing!
Patrick Vincent, Chief Transformation Officer, Telenet

Brands: wake up now or never wake up again.
Erik Saelens, author

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November 2
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