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Success will destroy elemental magic. Failure condemns this world and the next.

Six months after a tragic war, the world of Myrrah has found peace. But many of the heroes have not. When Zhao’s reluctant homecoming sparks a battle over the fate of Elementals among his people, he calls on his friends for help only to find they are busy with new problems of their own.

And one has the potential to end all magic.

For nearly destroying the world in an ancient war, the Ashanti were cursed by the Goddess Mhyrah with lifespans of less than a decade. To regain normal lives for his people, Beh’sah, will defy the traditions handed down since the dawn of time even if that means rekindling an ancient feud - one that nearly destroyed the world before it fully began.

Lavinia did not seek to be named Guardian of the Spheres when she touched each to gain control of elemental power. But now that choice has propelled her to being the key to stop the Ashanti. She controls the gates that allow magic into the world. And she must close them or the Ashanti will cross into the spirit realm and gain power beyond imagination, enough to enslave or destroy the world they once sought to rule.

But with the closure of each gate, an elemental power is lost and those who stand against the Ashanti are less able to fight a threat that seeks control over life and death.

Welcome BACK to the world of Myrrah full of elemental magic and epic fantasy adventure! The fate of the world hangs in the balance and the sacrifice to save it might be elemental magic. Discover this exhilarating tale that has received praise such as “It is the sort of read that reminds us how great fantasy can be.” and, “Strong characters and a beautiful world hold up a fine story. We love Ms Birt’s work, we only wish we’d found her sooner.”

The Games of Fire Trilogy bundle contains all three books: Spark of Defiance, Fantasia Reviews 2017 nominated book of the Year Gates of Fire & Earth, and A New Goddess PLUS the Born of Water Novel Companion that gives detailed information on the world of Myrrah begun in the Rise of the Fifth Order trilogy.

Q & A

Should you read the Rise of the Fifth Order trilogy before reading Games of Fire?

A few readers have said they got a lot more depth for having read the Rise of the Fifth Order first. They suggest you start there! It is certainly a great introduction to the world of Myrrah and the characters by starting with Born of Water, which is free to pick up. But I won’t say you absolutely have to. And, even if you read the first trilogy but it has been a long time, I've added a brief synopsis of the first trilogy at the beginning of this one so you can refresh your memory to the big events!

Is Games of Fire a continuation of the Rise of the Fifth Order trilogy?

The Games of Fire and the Rise of the Fifth Order trilogies are related in that they are set in the same world of Myrrah, utilize many of the same characters, and are full of elemental magic. Games of Fire begins with Spark of Defiance, which is set six months after the final book, Spirit of Life, of the Rise of the Fifth Order trilogy ends.

New problems have developed, so the Games of Fire story line is stand alone trilogy with the same heroes from the first story. However a few events that happened in the Rise of the Fifth Order are the cause of the new challenges rising in Games of Fire. So the two series are linked, but each consists of a different set of adventures and issues to solve.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 15
Autumn M. Birt
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