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‘GARDEN OF STARS by Rose Alexander is a stunning debut novel, rich in detail and brimming with emotion.’ – Books of all Kinds

The Alentejo, Portugal 1934

I am Inês Bretão and I am 18 years old. Now that I am finally an adult and soon to be married, I feel like my real life is about to begin. I have decided to document everything that happens to me, for my children and my grandchildren…

As Sarah Lacey reads the scrawled handwriting in her great-aunt's journal on a trip to Portugal, she discovers a life filled with great passion, missed chances and lost loves – memories that echo Sarah's own life. Because Sarah's marriage is crumbling, her love for her husband ebbing away, and she fears the one man she truly loves was lost to her many years ago…

But hidden within the faded pages of the journal is a secret Inês has kept locked away her entire life, and one final message for her beloved niece – a chance for Sarah to change her life, if she is brave enough to take it.

What reviewers are saying about Rose Alexander

‘a beautifully written book’ – Maddy (Netgalley)

‘Garden of Stars is a book that stayed with me after I turned the last page. I felt enriched after finishing the book.’ – Bookaholic Swede

‘a beautifully written story of love and loss. It takes you on a journey to remember, seamlessly intertwining both the past and the present to make a moving tale that will stay with you long after the final page has been turned.’ – Cal’s Blog

‘a beautifully poignant, richly-told story of love and loss’ – Becca’s Books

‘I loved this book’ – Kate, Netgalley reviewer

About the author

Rose Alexander has had more careers than is probably strictly necessary. Writing a novel is, however predictable the line seems, the realisation of Rose’s childhood dream and the result of finally finding ‘a voice’. The triumph is that the voice was heard above the racket created by her three children plus rescue cat (tabby white, since you ask).
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Fiction & Literature
July 25
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