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In this book I cover many topics in the vegetable and herb garden experience. The book begins with the seed and progresses to the harvest. It is written in a simple and easy manner, yet, it has useful information for both beginner and experienced gardeners.The topics are illustrated with photos and videos, many of them close ups. The book shows several activities and tips for all gardeners. I include some topics that are not covered in most garden books.

I draw on over 50 years of gardening experience starting with my father and grandmother as teachers. I went on to study agriculture, specifically agronomy which is the study of vegetable and field crops. Now I wish to share that knowledge with you.

This book is set to the landscape only view. I hope you have a wonderful gardening experience.

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November 15
James V. DeFilippis
James V. DeFilippis

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Garden Topics Tips and Talk Story

This book is written very well for both the beginner and more experienced gardener. The author in his writings is very detailed and describes each step of planting crops with clarity. The use of videos and other interactive effects are very useful. As the old saying goes” a picture is worth a thousand words” and there are plenty of pictures in this book. I have planted gardens in the past and at times I was not happy with my results. After reading this book and using the tips that have been proposed, I am sure the next garden I plant will be more successful.

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