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Did You Take Your Garlic Today?

If Not, Your Health May Be in Danger! Find Out Why…

Garlic – that ancient, well-known little white bulb, has such extraordinary medicinal powers, that it truly is a medical marvel!

In fact, garlic’s ability to promote good health is documented in more than 1000 medical and scientific studies. Science and medical communities around the world are beginning to realize what grandma always knew – garlic is strong medicine!

Garlic is listed as Number One on the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) list of foods which are potential cancer preventatives. Herbert Pierson, director of the Institute’s study, says garlic has the most potential of all foods as a cancer fighting substance. Because of this, the NCI is sponsoring a five year, multi-million dollar study!

And now after years of continued research all across the world, over 470 new garlic health hints and remedies are available in the brand new 208-page Garlic: Nature’s Natural Companion Book by famed natural health author, Emily Thacker.

Garlic goes naturally with apple cider vinegar, and Ms. Thacker is also the original author of the first book devoted to vinegar since the 1950’s. She brings her unique wisdom, experience and down-home flavor to this newest volume on garlic to her vinegar book series.

From Siberia to Russia, from Africa to Italy, from China to colonial New England, garlic has been documented as a valuable and powerful healing aid to ensure strength and good health.

For at least 5000 years, and even before the earliest Chinese dynasties, people have used garlic as medicine.

Modern research studies praise the healing power of garlic as effective against many human ailments!

Healing with simple, safe foods like garlic, vinegar or even honey means you are less likely to have side effects. Almost all prescription drugs have at least a few. As more and more illnesses are treated with expensive pharmaceuticals, more and more strains of bacteria are building up immunities to these drugs.

Most everyone who remembers grandma’s home remedies knows garlic is an important part of staying well. Yes, grandma always knew that her remedies worked, and now science agrees!

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October 4
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