Gaslamp Gothic Box Set

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Publisher Description

Five full-length books of supernatural suspense set in Gilded Age New York and Europe, starring demons, shifters, necromancers and an unforgettable cast of characters — both human and not — who hunt them in the shadows. The perfect series for anyone who likes their Victorian mysteries with a heaping teaspoon of magic, adventure and romance!

Includes The Daemoniac, The Thirteenth Gate, A Bad Breed, The Necromancer’s Bride and Dead Ringer.

Praise for the Gaslamp Gothic books:

“Beautiful landscapes, beasts with more to them than meets the eye, women who fight the darkness, and men seeking redemption. This book was amazing.” –The Caffeinated Reader

"Greatly entertaining, fun, thrilling, at times chilling and with a light hint of romance. I have no word left to say, only 'perfect'." -Field of Bookish Dreams

“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde combined with Sherlock Holmes . . . If you like historical books that also have mystery, suspense, action and all the other ingredients for a page-turning stay-up-all-night experience, Dead Ringer is a must read!” –Books+Coffee=Happiness

“You just can’t help but fall for the male interest. Everything about this book just screams darkness. If you want a page-turning, plot-twisting, soul-burning story, this is it!” –Treestand Book Reviews

“Mystery. Paranormal creatures and myths. Intelligent, brave and daring characters. Love and hate. History. What else can you possibly want?” –Dena Garson’s Book Blog

Book #1: It’s August 1888 and a bizarre killer is stalking the gas-lit streets of New York. His handiwork bears all the hallmarks of a demonic possession. But are the murders a case of black magic—or simple blackmail? From the gambling dens of the Tenderloin to the glittering mansions of Fifth Avenue, consulting detective Harrison Fearing Pell and her best friend, medical student John Weston, follow a twisted trail of lies, treachery and madness that ends closer to home than they imagined.

Book #2: At an asylum in the English countryside, a man suspected of being Jack the Ripper kills an orderly and escapes into the rain-soaked night. Occult investigator Lady Vivienne pursues him across the Atlantic to New York, where a powerful Egyptian amulet has been stolen from the Museum of Natural History. With the bodies mounting, Lady Vivienne joins Harry and John to confront an ancient evil. The key to stopping it is something called the Thirteenth Gate. But where is it? And more importantly, who will find it first?

Book #3: After a Romanian village suffers a series of brutal attacks, Lady Vivienne’s ward Anne Lawrence is dispatched to hunt the killer – only to find herself herself at the mercy of a mysterious captor with a beast inside and a memory as old as the ancient legends. As the weeks pass, Anne slowly uncovers a complex and deeply passionate man. But is she willing to pay the price for falling under his spell?

Book #4: Forgiveness is not Gabriel D’Ange’s strong suit. A ruthless self-appointed soldier of God, he vanished after Anne stabbed him with his own dagger. The smart thing would be to let him go. But Anne’s world isn’t just lonely without Gabriel. It’s insufferably boring. When she’s drawn into one of his tangled plots, Anne learns just how far she’ll go to save the man she loves.

Book #5: Back in New York, Harry and John face off with sewer beasts, doppelgängers and the city’s most devious criminal mastermind to solve one of the strangest cases of their career – a tale of murder, revenge and fairytale bogeymen to make the Brothers Grimm shudder.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 30
Kat Ross
Draft2Digital, LLC

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