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Liar... Manipulator... Sadist... Killer?

A 'coming of age' psychological thriller to make your toes curl...

This, the final instalment of the Remorseless trilogy, is here. A gripping suspense story that's definitely the author's darkest yet - and quite possibly his best.

Not for the faint-hearted. Contains disturbing imagery and some profanity. You have been warned...

In brief:

When Doc Powers wakes to find a deadly message left at his country property, he and his friend Detective Inspector Jack Carver are sucked into a nightmare investigation into a precocious teenager - a budding psychopath with violence running through his veins...

Can they stop him achieving his aim of celebrating his 'coming of age' - a spectacular finale involving gasoline and explosives? The lad's mother and grandmother - the victims of his ongoing campaign of psychological torment - are in serious jeopardy.

But so are Doc and Jack...

Find out the thrilling outcome in Gaslighting - the third 'stand alone' novel in this dark, gritty, British Crime Thriller trilogy. Please note: This psychological suspense story contains spoilers so you are advised to read the award winning first book (Remorseless) to maximize enjoyment, although this is not essential.

From Reading Experience Blogspot June 2017:

'...nothing blew me away like the beta-read of the third part of Will Patching's Remorseless Trilogy... truly one of the best writers I've had the pleasure reading... his characters are real and three-dimensional who think, act and speak like real persons...

'...Suspense glueing me to the pages, heart beating faster than normal, empathizing with the characters, fearing for them - I knew there wouldn't be an easy happy ending... [This author] doesn't spare his flawed heroes.'

'...Why do I love the thrill of his books? It's not that I like to see with my inner eyes all the cruelty he's conjuring, sometimes I'm glad it's not a movie, but I love that his characters are real and three-dimensional who think, act and speak like real persons.'

Like Remorseless and Mutilated, Gaslighting is a gripping read to get your teeth into, with an intricate plot and complex characters. Plenty of suspense and intrigue for any lover of unsettling psychological thrillers. This tale will not suit those who like their thrills short and sweet, or anyone with a nervous disposition. This is a full length novel of approximately 117,000 words.

This unique British crime thriller series will take you deep into the minds of psychopathic criminals - including those of more tender years - and won't leave you untouched by the experience.

'Patching goes where other authors fear to tread…' Top Reviewer

The spine-chilling first book in this series, Remorseless, has been described by independent 5 star reviewers as:

'British crime writing at its best!'
'Right up there with James Patterson and Stephen King', and
'...up there with Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid'.

Remorseless, is the Ebook Skill 'Mystery and Thriller of the Year - 2017'.

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July 1
Will Patching
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Customer Reviews

Gem stringer ,

Once again, highly recommend

I highly recommend reading anything written by Mr.Patching. He does an excellent job of keeping you wanting more. You will have a difficult time putting this book directly once you start. From beginning to end I was completely enthralled. His character development makes you want to jump out and tell the detective and psychologist what to do.

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