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Sipping'n Snacking California Central Coast and Las Vegas

When planning a visit to our family in the USA, we decided initially to parachute into California and Las Vegas for some sipping and snacking and catching up with old friends. After all, flying to the east coast of the USA from our home requires several, somewhat grueling flights and layovers and more than a day of travel if you are inclined to do so in one go.  Well, we were in no hurry, and we detest hibernating in airplanes and airports for more than 36 hours...actually, we simply consider them a necessary evil.

Thus, we sat down more than three months in advance to plan our trip to California and Las Vegas.  Searching, clicking, Google-mapping and, generally, learning that California is one very HUGE state!  It was fun, educational and offered ample justification to sip good wine during the day as well as evening.

We started in San Francisco, worked our way south along US1 through the Central Coast (Big Sur, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara) and thereafter across the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas....sipping 'n snacking along the way.

"GastoNaughties' Gallivant - Sipping'n Snacking -  California Central Coast and Las Vegas" is not our first road trip.  Trust us, the first trip will include a lot more "Ooops" and "Do's and Don't".  We like to learn by experience!  It is, however, our shortest trip.  Hence, our first effort to publish together all our notes and photos.  We are working on publishing GastroNaughties' Gallivant for other destinations... Stay tuned to this Bat Channel. 

Hope you have as much fun reading this book as we had "gallivanting".

Until next time...Bon Vivant! 

Warning: Our comments are based on our personal opinions, are not subject to the influence of others and, well, we occasionally can be brutally honest...for which we do not apologize.

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September 1
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