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Gastroparesis is an illness that is not commonly known or understood. Some of its symptoms include nausea, vomiting, early satiety, bloating and abdominal pain. Sounds like a routine GI problem. Until I was diagnosed with it in the fall of 2000. I knew that as a nurse, I had to dive into the research realm of this condition and figure out how to best treat myself. Throughout the years, I have tried gastric pacemakers twice, feeding tubes twice, botox injections into my pylorus three times and pyloroplasty procedures. Not willing to give up and let gastroparesis get the best of me, I decided on one more surgery. Would it be the last one for me?

This is my story about how gastroparesis has entered my life and how I managed to accomplish my goals while dealing with symptom management on a daily basis. From doctors who told me it was all in my head to doctors who took the chance and gave me a new lease on life. My story includes how I found treatment, the surgeries I endured and my quality of life throughout.

My hope is that through reading this, you will understand more about gastroparesis and what can be done to achieve the best symptom management possible for you or someone you know.

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December 24

Customer Reviews

Bad Belly ,


I'm a Certified Medical Assistant recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Not knowing what the future holds or what my options are it was Nice to read this book of one persons struggle with it. I'm very Thankful that she let me take a look into her life in dealing with this craziness. It's hard when others around you don't know what your going thru.
Thank You for taking time to document and share your journey.

Sculpey5 ,

Don't waist your money

All this short expensive book did was depress me - gave me no good advice - all it did was tell her long awful history- while I felt bad for her - she gives no advice - no help - no recipes - nothing - just her history