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Kohlnar: A land of dragon-shifters known as Kin, and the Folk whose love allows them to change, and patrol the skies while praising His Name. A peaceful country cut off from the rest of the continent by a vast mountain range known as the Spine of the World. A prosperous land, with deep mines and soil producing crops nowhere else can duplicate. A land desired by the Two Kings of Sirulan, who will stop at nothing, including use of the death magic of the Church of the Blood, to get it. These are the Chronicles of Kohlnar.

Gathering of the Light: The war started by the Sirulani against the Dragon Folk and Kin and its aftermath.

Taren’s Tale (excerpt): Neighboring Threld fights the Sirulani invaders and a traitor in their midst tries to kill their Senior Mage during the battle. Only the man who would be Taren’s can save him, but at what cost?

bloodLight (excerpt): A thousand years after the Breaking of the Spine, a serial killer stalks the streets of Dialhon the City, while the Senior Healer desperately tries to find a spell to cure the unknown disease slowly killing his husband, the City’s chief detective and the man in charge of stopping the killer.

The Dragon Winked (excerpt): Far north of Dialhon, a mage and the slave the gods forced him to buy, bound together by love they won’t or can’t admit, return to dead Kohlnar, determined to restore the Light, restore the Folk and Kin, even if they might die in the attempt.

Fiction & Literature
March 7
Eric Alan Westfall
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