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Yes, the pause at Gause that refreshes. No, seriously: Gause, Texas. Northwest of Bryan-College Station if you're trying to find it on your map. And, yes, that itty-bitty dot with the smallest of fonts to denote the town. Don't let that fool you, though, because there's far more to do and see than even the locals might imagine. So saddle up and come along with us as we spend almost six days making the most of a small Central Texas town.
Before you 'poo-poo' away the idea, check out some of our destinations and sights we cover:
Down Town Gause and 'the Strip,' including historic jail and museum dedicated to rust;
Morning in Gause, just west of town... followed by a different world, yet following the same foot steps on a sultry, foggy morning just a couple days later;
Explore neighboring areas, like Milano, Bryan, Mumford, and more;
Extra detailed visit to Hearne and the Hearne Historic Train Depot;
Critters, creepies, and crawlies we found (from multi-colored birds to foxes to part of a Julie Andrew's song);
Railroads, railways, and rail diamonds;
But the real emphasis is on Gause, from historic Little River Baptist Church (and her all-important outhouse) to the Sugarloaf Mountain bridge, to the Pin Oak Cemetery - we try to get you to all of them;
and fried catfish at the Dixie Cafe... twice.

Which means there should be something for everyone in this wide world of Gause collection, even possible black magic (I'm going to miss my good camera... sniff).
So whether you're a cubicle convict looking for virtual vacation or a professional jetsetter looking to visit a unique location none of your friends has ever been to; or even a model railroader looking for inspiration in that little spur needing a scene; even the locals of Gause, might find something new and exciting to revive the love for something lost in time. Everyone of those intelligent, creative individuals should find something of interest in these two hundred-plus pictures.
Give in, hit the 'Add To Cart' button and see what you've been missing (because both you and I know you think I'm full of pasture pastries: nobody could've taken over 200 pictures of Gause and made a book out of it... and you're right, because honestly, I made a darn good book out of it, not just any book.)

Travel & Adventure
August 2
Bob Campbell
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