Gay for the Boss (First Time Gay MMM Menage Billionaire Workplace Erotica‪)‬

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Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, first time gay experiences, multiple partners, anal and public sex, a powerful older alpha male and his young inexperienced personal assistant, the use of potent aphrodisiacs, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Joey's four years in college were supposed to prepare him for bigger and better things, but working for a man like Peter Everette takes all the sting out of being a personal assistant. He may already be one of the city's most powerful men at the young age of 34, but he's so approachable and friendly with his newest employee that Joey can't help but admire him for more than his success.

Inspired by his boss's ability to stay in shape and look good while running a multi-million dollar company, he's bought himself a fitness supplement that promises more than just some extra energy. But when the supplement turns out to have some "additional properties," new hormones kick Joey's admiration for his boss into new, unexplored territory.

Before he's had time to think, he's flaunting his new openness to experimentation in ways that Mr. Everette and the other partners accustomed to the firm's stuffy work environment can't help but notice ... and act on. It's not long before the young and inexperienced young man is getting all the attention he can handle, and more.

I stepped forward unsteadily, flushing under the scrutiny of the two men as both of them turned to look at me. I saw Mr. Rockworth's face take on a momentarily puzzled expression at my altered appearance and for a lingering instant our eyes locked. "Ah – well, sir –" I started breathlessly, trying to remember the question " - that is, Mr. Nelson, sir, a positive work environment is a good thing to have, I think."

"Come on, Joey," Mr. Rockworth prodded, quickly banishing any indication from his face that I looked anything other than normal, "now's no time to be shy. I just want Mr. Nelson here to appreciate the human element in what we're talking about. How would you characterize our relationship, for example?"

"Well, sir," I said, trying not to look at him so I could form my words better. "I think it's a good relationship. I mean, I like working for you very much. You're very kind to me, and when I make a mistake you make me aware of it without making me miserable, sir, which you could do, you know. I mean I value what you say so much that if you were ever harsh to me I'd just fall apart, only you're never harsh at all. You're good. And obviously you're always so important and busy that I'm sure it would be easy to say a thoughtless thing, only you never –" my flood of words faltered as I realized, even in my somewhat loose state, that maybe I was saying more than I had been asked "– never do."

I looked up uncertainly to see Mr. Nelson watching me with a slightly surprised expression on his face. "Are you always this – forward – with your superiors?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"No," I answered honestly, "I hope I’m not being inappropriate. It's just that I'm extremely attracted to him, sir – oh, I didn't mean to say that out loud. I mean, it was just a mistaken – I have only workplace appropriate thoughts for my professional superiors, sir. I meant I'd do anything to please him." I stared down at the floor, trying to get my head straight. My hard cock had freed itself from the elastic of my underwear, though, and so instead I found myself staring down at the sizeable bulge in my own pants. "I've had a hard-on all morning," I explained.

Notice: This title includes themes and passages that have been adapted from Jessica Whitethread's Bimbo at Work with full consent of the original author.

Fiction & Literature
July 17
S M Partlowe
Draft2Digital, LLC

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