Gay Romance: The Complete Series: Birthday Surprise, His First Time, Our Camping, Finding A New Love & The Very First One

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**A Fun, Standalone Gay Romance with No Cliffhanger**

Birthday Surprise
A first time of a story of love from 2 best friends, Troy and Adam, romance and fun story of their first time being gay experience.
Its Troy's twenty-first birthday and he had made plans to hang out with Adam for the day. Little did he know that more than just hanging out was going to happen. Troy has always wondered what it would be like to be with another man. Always failing with the girls Troy begins looking at Adam in a different way, checking him out as he drinks a cold beer sitting at the poolside.
Troy was afraid to tell his best friend that he thought he might be gay. Afraid that Adam would walk away from him in disgust. When they both get into the pool Adam says that he has a birthday surprise for Troy and when he doesn't tell him what it is Troy dunks his head under water.
His First Time
A first time of a story of love from 2 strangers, romance and fun story of Kyle's first time being gay experience.
Kyle has been waiting for spring break for a long time. Instead of staying at his parents' house in California, and instead of going to Mexico with his college buddies Kyle has decided that he's going to travel to New York City.
The only reason for going was because he was ready. Ready to try something new that he had wanted to do for years. All he had to do was look for someone. Someone to help him fulfill what he set out to do.
Our Camping
A first time of a story of love from 2 best friends, Brendan and Thomas, romance and fun story of their first time being gay experience on their camping.
Brendan and Thomas are going camping for the weekend just the two of them, being best friends they know that they can share anything with one another, by Thomas calls him out on his secret body half way to the campground they are going to. Thomas decides the best way to let Brendan know he could see his secret body is to play a little game. Knowing they are both hard Thomas offers to please him while no one is around and tells Brendan he has to promise not to tell anyone and to never speak of it again.......
Finding A New Love
Jeremiah is bound and determined to have Steve get back out into the dating world after a divorce from his wife. Steve was married at nineteen and now here he was at forty-two single once again. Taking Steve out to the bar with him by the end of the night they each had a woman to bring back to Jeremiah's house, though the night hadn't gone as planned.
The rest of the week, Jeremiah and Steve hang out and bond more and more. Getting closer and closer to each other.
When Jeremiah suggests that they change the rules of a card game they are playing is when Steve finds out more about Jeremiah and realizes that they are becoming closer with each other in the ways that he never thought of before. As the night goes on the card game gets more interesting and Steve realizes that his life is going to change forever.
The Very First One
Alain has a secret even he doesn't know about. Locked in his DNA is an extremely rare and ancient gene that dates back to humanity's earliest days on earth. Can Alain fulfill his dream before his destiny catches up with him? Or will his own secret destroy him literally?
The Very First One contains an innocent first time gay experience, a sexy werewolf, naughty scenes, hot and steamy shifter romance story.
Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, including gay sex, this book is recommended for ages 18+

Fiction & Literature
December 20
Alex E. Ross
Draft2Digital, LLC

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