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Eric is having a bad day when his plane goes down and he winds up lost in a forest full of angry chipmunks. But then he meets Danny, a young man ostracized from society, and when night falls, he soon learns why! But werewolves need love too. Will Eric be able to provide this love for Danny? 4485 words, with romance, gay werewolf anal sex, younger man older man. Adults only! All characters over 18.Excerpt:Grinning dominantly, Danny released him."Damn, being a werewolf really does have its perks. Or maybe I'm just starting to feel my age.""You have a musky smell. Rich, like the earth.""Ha! And you smell like a wet dog!"And with that, Eric tackled Danny down again. Jumping on top of him, he reached down and grabbed the younger man by his junk."So does this little guy get bigger when you're in werewolf form, Danny boy?"He asked coyly as he squeezed repeatedly, feeling it throbbing against his palm. Not expecting this sudden attack, Danny curled up, grabbing futilely at Eric's wrists."W-Wait, Eric... please, not there..!""Not so tough now, are you? Do you like it when I squeeze you down here? Want me to do it harder?"Merciless and un-relenting, Eric continued to squeeze in short bursts, causing the younger man to buck and twist every time it happened, as well as let out soft wolfish moans.Finally, he gave him a break. Danny curled up against the ground, panting heavily."T-That was cruel... Eric...""What are you talking about? You know you enjoyed it."

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May 23
Pen Penguin
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