Genesis Sequence Genesis Sequence

Genesis Sequence

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Publisher Description

A young Neanderthal. A robotic drone. A new future begins.

Banished from her tribe, Skyra Una-Loto wanders through an ancient landscape teeming with fierce predators. Skyra searches for a way to overcome the crippling fear that has plagued her since witnessing her birthmother's brutal death.

The problem is, to overcome her fear and reclaim her strength, she must attack and kill predators that will probably kill her first.

Skyra's desperate quest takes an unexpected turn when she encounters a creature unlike anything she has seen before. It walks on four legs, yet it can also fly. It eats fire instead of flesh, and it speaks a strange language called English. Its name is Ripple.

Ripple cannot believe its good luck. Having jumped 47,000 years into the past, the robotic drone has completed its research mission and is stranded here forever. Now it has found a living, breathing Neanderthal to study. The more Ripple learns about Skyra, the more the drone is convinced she is important to the future of this new world—but only if Ripple can keep her alive.

Genesis Sequence, a prequel to the Across Horizons series, is for readers who love time travel, wilderness survival, and unforgettable characters.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 29
Stan C. Smith
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

zeusboo ,

Genesis sequence

Interesting sci fi with a very original twist to the plot that makes for intriguing reading!

Fritzz ,

Unusual premise

Time travel is usually a preposterous method for getting our characters into the past - and for the sake of the rest of the story- we forgive the author their premise.

This story has a viable and even simple time-premise. Discover what you can in a 19minute time window by sending a droid/probe on a one-way mission into a distant past — funded by whoever wanted to pay for the knowledge. What you see there is what you get.

Ethics of altering the past-therefore-future… are casually dismissed by the assurance that such an action simply starts another time line… another quantum reality… which then has nothing to do with “us.”
For this we may still be forgiving our author.

With a non-human time-traveler - (abandoned to the past)- there is lots of survival - interesting interactions- and the story holds your attention even in a less complex cultural period.


This past is clearly a formative period of time —with our protagonist Droid dropping into an intelligence-evolutionary nexus where “it’s”presence has a willing influence on the new time-line.

The Droid, self named as Ripple, is self-evolving a kind of “intelligence-forming” protocol - which “he/she/it” is caught up in as well.

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