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If you loved the Lost and Found series, or Christine Feehan's epic Ghostwalker series, this book will appeal to you! We finally learn Aiden's backstory!

After a harrowing mission, Navy SEAL Aiden Willingham was approached to participate in a secret research project. Now he realizes the Spartan Project is a covert, multinational government testing program run by a private company called The Silverstone Collaborative. The company’s mission is to create super soldiers, men capable of recovering from horrendous illness and injuries, using a serum derived from indigenous plants in the Amazon rainforest. The program is brutal and when the men object, they go from test subjects to caged prisoners overnight. The doctor leading the program is world-renowned for his cutting-edge cures, but Aiden sees only the madness in his eyes. The serum is producing results, but men are dying every day of testing. And, as more men die, the experiments turn more deadly. What the research team doesn’t realize is exactly what the serum is doing … creating a psychic connection between four of the men. Aiden and his team have to break out of the camp before they’re compromised further. But getting out of the camp is the easy part. They know that actually living to bring the Silverstone Collaborative to justice is going to be the most difficult mission any of them have ever undertaken.


The Dogs of War Series

Genesis- Prequel

Chaos- Book 1- June 26th

Destruction- Book 2- August 28th 

Retribution- Book 3- Winter 2018

The Lost and Found Series

The Embattled Road- FREE

Embattled Hearts-FREE

Embattled Minds

Embattled Home

Embattled SEAL

Embattled Ever After

June 23
Jennifer Madden
Jennifer Madden

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jdso111815 ,


WOW! What a prequel to a new series. This was super intense from the beginning to end. I am now so ready to read Aiden and his buddies stories of what they are going to do to keep themselves alive and get the story out about what has happened to them from the "so-called" training. Next up in The Dogs of War series is Aiden.

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