Book 1 - Cascade Beasts

Gentle Giant

A Fantasy Monster Romance

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Publisher Description

A big hairy man-beast just kidnapped me.


After a nasty breakup, all I want is a quiet vacation in the mountains. Just me and a pile of books, a few bottles of wine, and the occasional nature walk. Too bad my Airbnb host failed to disclose there’s a tribe of Sasquatches living nearby. Honestly, what the heck?


Now I’m the captive of a giant Sasquatch chief named Brutus. He scares me at first, but I soon learn he’s quite gentle and… cuddly. He also believes I’m his perfect mate and promises he’ll always take care of me. It’s not long before I’m thirsting after his huge muscular bigfoot-bod and second guessing my plans to escape.


But if I surrender to temptation, there’s no leaving the mountain.


Sasquatches mate for life.

September 27
Sue Lyndon
Sue Lyndon

Customer Reviews

Goddess of Chaos ,

“I was the pessimistic bookish introvert…”

Hailey realized, the heartbreaking way, that her current relationship was over… and what better time to pack some bags, take a vacation, get out of war torn dodge, and try to find a new job and a happier life?

Brutus wouldn’t say his people were on good term with humans, but he’s aware things need to change, and a vision encourages him to give a specific human woman a chance. More than that, as Chief, that vision lets him know human women are going to matter to other of his people as well, so he realizes he has to lead, even as he tries to court her, and win her over.

This done in one story has some really interesting world building, and ties in to the Vaxxlian Matchmakers and Vaxxlian Mail Order Brides books/universe.

I found myself loving how Brutus and Hailey were each tryii To understand the others culture and expectations, to give one another a chance rather than risk throwing something away. Hailey has long yearned for a place to belong, and a family, and she’s wise enough to see the potential to have both these things with Brutus and his people… if she can look past her fears, her assumptions… and the baggage her war torn world has packed her full of.

I was gifted with a copy of this book and chose to share my review.

komondor10 ,


Hailey is living in war torn Seattle. Earth has been at war for many years and most places are very dangerous and impossible to escape. Many women are leaving the planet as brides for aliens hopeful for a new life. When her best friend decides to leave earth, Hailey won’t go with her because she has been dreaming of a blue eyed giant and something pulls her to stay on earth. But her friend manages to sneak her out of the city and she rents a cabin in the cascades for several months.

Brutus is the Chief of his Montikaan Tribe. Their tribe has suffered many losses and the latest one killed over 20 of their females. He has a vision where his father tells him they are destined to mate with human females and he sees Hailey. He has dreamed of her for a couple of months before he finds her in the cabin.

Their first meeting is pretty hilarious and he carts her off to the cavern where the tribe lives. A gentle journey to love with a little danger thrown in!.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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