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Is it an earthquake? The walls stretch and lean, but this is no tremor. Michael's house has snapped into the shape of a parallelogram. Outside, his hair turns to spikes, and two kids ride past on perpendicular bikes. When his skateboard wheels become trapezoids, he sprints to the doctor for help. But there's nothing the doc can do for geometry flu. 

Michael's reality unravels until a blind man offers a hand and suggests Michael ask the readers at home for some help putting his shapes back in place.

Science & Nature
May 21
Heyerman & Krow
Mint Associates Limited

Customer Reviews

Bright.Time ,

So great!

This is an absolutely beautiful book! So fun and smart, very Dr. Suess esque!!!

WildwoodPDX ,

Love This Book!

Both my children, ages eight and six, love reading this book! The illustrations are wonderful and the language is colorful and creative. It reminds me greatly of books I loved as a child; Wacky Wednesday and Hooper Humperdick to name a few. My kids really enjoy following along with the audio feature that comes with the purchase of the book as well. They especially enjoyed the little girls voice telling the name of author and illustrator. A cute touch! This book is fun way to introduce young children to basic geomtric shapes and principles the will learn in the coming years!

MReinick ,

Love This Book!

I was so excited to find a book that makes math fun! My kids love it and so do I! We love being able to learn about new things in fun ways. Great writing and great illustrations too keep my kids engaged.