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The fascinating life of George Harrison is explored via a wealth of photographs, letters, sketches, and memorabilia—drawn from George's personal archive and edited by Olivia Harrison. Within these pages you'll also find audio and video clips that add extra insight into Harrison's world. Tales from his fellow Beatles, lifelong associates and friends add up to a heartfelt tribute to the man whose life and career—whether as world-famous musician, spiritual seeker, film producer, father, or gardener—influenced millions.

Biographies & Memoirs
May 1
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

Customer Reviews

songnotsung ,

Great concept, great subject, but text size ruins it, So Sad!

Was so looking forward to reading this book and loved the idea of interactive objects to show off iPad's capabilities....but the text in the book is so small, that even with 3x magnifying reading glasses it is still causing eyestrain. Sadly, this could easily be resolved by either allowing text size to be increased, or being able to pinch to zoom in on a text page into full screen in a way similar to the way photos are able to be zoomed in on.
I was so looking forward to reading and enjoying this book, but getting through just the first chapter so far has been more of a chore than enjoyment!
I hope Apple or the publisher will update it to allow for a more enjoyable read.

Kristinbubble ,

Important reading options are missing

The normal ability to increase font size is missing in this book for some reason. This is a fundamental mistake. I can hardly read the book. In addition I cannot rotate the book to a position with the on/off button on the bottom.

King Zulu ,

An interactive coffee-table book about George Harrison

This is a nicely done book. It's packed full of photos, vignettes, stories, videos, audio clips and more. It makes great use of the technology available on your iPad. Any George Harrison fan should really enjoy this book.

For those who are upset about the gray text on a white background, while it's understandable that some folks might have some difficulty reading that, the simple fix is to go to the pharmacy and pick up a pair of reading glasses. They cost about $10. Not only would some reading glasses help you really enjoy this book, but it would also probably help you understand what all the hoopla about the retina display on the new iPad is all about.