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Rebecca Atwood is too damn distracted by James Stonewall, her sexy and wealthy boss. She's supposed to be decorating one of the houses he's renovating, but she can't keep her mind on the job at all with him around. One night after work, Mr. Stonewall lets her know that he's getting tired of her lax performance, and demands an explanation. Anger turns into lust, and Rebecca finds a sexy new way to focus on her job. This 6,000 word erotic short story is for adults only.


Rebecca was close enough to touch him now, glaring up into his ocean-blue eyes, her voice sharp and loud, “I wouldn’t screw up your stupid company if you just let me do my own thing for a single day! You know how good I am at my job, that’s why you hired me. So how about you let me do my damn work for once?”

He took her by the arm, squeezing tightly. Rebecca nearly lost control of her legs for a second, collecting herself from the arousing sensation of his touch. As she wobbled, he suddenly adopted a look of great concern, trying to hold her up. Once Rebecca was strong enough to stand on her own two feet, he relaxed, but still held on.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Stonewall asked, genuine concern in his voice.

“Um,” Rebecca said, her head filled with butterflies. She forgot her angry, and murmured, “Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay. I think.”

There was a long pause between them. Mr. Stonewall and Rebecca stared into one another’s eyes, their hearts both beating hard, his hand holding her firmly. Finally, Mr. Stonewall leaned forward, crushing Rebecca to him and kissing her with an intensity that drove her mad with need. She wrapped her arms around his waist, bending her neck as high as possible so that she could meet his lips as fully as possible, their tongues dancing around with one another as their shared heat rose.

Finally, Mr. Stonewall pulled away from her lips, breathing deeply as he said, “I’ve wanted to do that since I first saw you.”

Fiction & Literature
April 7
Joy C. James
Draft2Digital, LLC

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