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Bryan Murray always planned to return to Sapphire Falls and settle down with Tessa Sheridan. Tessa is sweet, kind, beautiful and planning to live in Sapphire Falls forever. Best of all, she’s loved him since kindergarten. He just didn't expect it to all happen like this. But a not-so-little tumble down a mountain while biking has turned his life upside down and landed him back in his hometown earlier than he’d planned. At least Tessa is the same girl who's just been waiting for him to come home.

Tessa has been saving herself for Bryan in every way. And dreaming about an exciting life. Somewhere other than Sapphire Falls. But now Bryan’s messing up all of her plans. Not only has he moved home, but he’s decided to go from the hot, sexy playboy of her fantasies to a sweet, romantic boyfriend type. What’s a girl gotta do to have an adventure or two? And some hot erotic-romance-novel-worthy sex along the way? She’s going to have to make it happen for herself. Which means leaving Sapphire Falls. Which means avoiding falling in love. All while being romanced by the only man who’s ever had her heart.

May 10
Erin Nicholas
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Cali Jewel ,

Loved Bryan and Tessa!

If you love small town romance with all the interference and unfailing support of the entire place than you are are gonna adore this feel good, fun, sweet, sexy and entertaining journey on the road to forever.

Bryan Murray is back and building a life in his hometown with the girl he left behind and has loved his whole life (he just needs to make that clear to her and get her to agree) Tessa Sheridan has loved Bryan for as long as she can remember and after he returns home, she realizes he is not whisking her away but warning other men not ask her out. She has and enough of waiting for him to take her on an adventure. Now she is determined to stand on her own two feet and explore her new inner confidence and need for a hot and wild romance she decides to leave. (can she really move on without Bryan) Loved every twist and turn.

RLS1217 ,

Not my favorite

Tess has potential. She’s an interesting character, aside from her unfortunate hang up on Bryan. I honestly couldn’t stand him. Every time he spoke, it was another example of how very much he did not deserve Tess.

GrandmaTami X6 ,

She did it again!

Ok Erin has made me want to move to this wonderful town of Sapphire Falls ! Bryan as thought Tessa would be waiting for him , She got tired of waiting for him to see her the way she wanted! He now wants to settle down she has decided she needs to see the world! Tessa trieds to convince herself she does not Love him that way anymore, Bryan is doing what he can to change her mind...then he finds out she loves to run ---he loves to help people reach their dreams so he is going to do what he can for her to reach hers.....even if he has to let her go . Come along for the ride and watch another couple find their way through life and to LOVE I can not wait to see whats next PLEASE keep them coming Erin !!

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