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Kate and Levi thought Christmas in Sapphire Falls was crazy.

They haven’t seen anything yet.

After just eight weeks, Levi Spencer is feeling right at home in small-town Nebraska. He loves breakfasts with the old farmers at the diner. Loves learning how to haul wood and birth calves and snow-blow his drive. But he loves something more… or rather someone. And she lives in California. Levi wants Kate to ask him to move to the West Coast with her but if she knows how he feels about Sapphire Falls, she’ll never ask him to leave. So, he’ll have to downplay his feelings for his new hometown…somehow.

Kate’s back in Sapphire Falls to surprise Levi on the most romantic day of the year… and with her plan to stay in Sapphire Falls this time.  But she soon discovers Levi hasn’t shared everything about his new life. In fact, he almost seems to be trying to scare her off with all the talk of snakes and bugs and bad coffee and worse oatmeal. He even lied about the county’s best muffins being right here in Sapphire Falls. Why would he deny her muffins?! The sex is still off the charts, but if that’s all Levi wants, Kate will have to learn to deal with it…somehow.

Warning: A very sweet story ahead, including cheesy quotes about love, candy and chocolate, a town that overdoes everything including construction paper hearts on Valentine’s Day and two people who are crazy in love—with each other and with this quirky town.

This is a novella, about half the length of the novels in this series. Read only if you like fun, small town contemporary romances where they talk dirty and act even dirtier.  

February 13
Erin Nicholas
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

Sexy Valentines romance!

This is the continued story of Kate and Levi. Levi loves his new life in Sapphire Falls but he loves Kate more. He wants to be with her but thinks she won't ask him to move to San Francisco where she lives. Kate is ready to move to Sapphire Falls but Levi is acting strange. It's almost like he doesn't want her to think he loves living in Sapphire Falls. Can these two get it together and start communicating outside the bedroom?

These two are setting the sheets on fire and the couch and the counter and so on. I'll never look at ranch dressing the same or broccoli for that matter. The one thing they lack is communication. Thank God for Tucker Bennett. He's got a way of putting the truth out there. Sexy man! This is another fantastic and sexy story from that amazing series called Sapphire Falls. I can't wait for my next visit.

Aimalas ,


I love Levi and Kate!! An absolutely amazing couple! Once again Erin has done an amazing job!!

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