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He wants a second chance with his best friend’s sister. She wants him on his knees. The battle of the sexes gets steamy and hilarious as the hot geek and the girl next door dig up their past and fight for their future. Sweet and sassy feel-good romance from RWA Golden Heart finalist Cindy Procter-King.

Nothing can stop a girl with a plan…

Tori Jarrett is rocking her life. Well, mostly. She has great friends, and she’s busy fixing up her house. The only thing missing is love. But Tori isn’t worried...an awful lot. Mr. Right will arrive when he’s meant to, and this time they’ll ride off into the sunset together. No repeats of four years ago when she gave her heart and virginity to Brett Evans hours before he skipped town.

Not that Tori is holding a grudge. In fact, she’s almost forgotten their disastrous one-night stand. Until Brett stands on her doorstep, looking to rent a room. Yi-yi, does he have to be as handsome and charming as always?

Of course, Brett regrets ever hurting Tori. It’s difficult to know what to do about a woman he once considered the cute kid sister of his best friend but now can’t deny is thoroughly, irresistibly sexy. But, seriously, he’s better off alone. After all, Tori is a childhood pal, a boundary he won’t cross again.

Pal? Tori can’t believe Brett is stuck in the dusty past! What she needs is help with her house renovations, not a history list. Pals or not, she intends to get Brett under the covers again where he will discover she’s all woman where he is concerned. Maybe then she can finally bury her dreams and fantasies about the man, and move on.

Bed him and forget him. Forever this time. Such a simple plan...

April 3
Blue Orchard Books
Cindy Procter-King

Customer Reviews

Clzert ,


Tori + Brett forever says it all. Tori & Brett we’re so enjoyable as they struggled to define their relationship. Their humor and banter made the story that more enjoyable. Living in the Pacific Northwest makes this more fun to read and relate to. Will continue to enjoy these great books.😍😍

Sirani G. ,

Oh to be young and in love!

Why don't men and women just speak up and say what's on their minds? There are myriad reasons, each one present in the tense conflict between Brett and Tori, the two protagonists in Cindy Procter King's latest romantic novel. Two gorgeous and intelligent souls try to hold out against the inevitable, with a lot of cute, clever and comical repartee along the way. To say nothing of the hot sex scenes that make me yearn to be young and in love. Though the premise is predictable, the characters are not. Both increasingly show their depth and the roots of their romantic struggles as the novel, and they, mature. The supporting cast of friends and family is populated with thoughtfully-drawn characters that serve to round out the story. I loved the details about the home renovation project that provides the structure for this clearly well-researched book, one that you'll breeze happily through and won't put down.

Pattip10 ,

Great love story!

Brett has a lot to figure out about himself and it’s great to see him do that in this great love story! Tori is an amazingly strong woman who wants what she wants and makes it happen. Although i read as an ARC, all opinions are my own

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