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Free range poultry sounds simple - and it can be, given the right skills and reasonable expectations. This book has been written to provide easily consumed technical information and real-life examples from growers who range from large scale production to mixed farming of meat and egg production to help you get started in free range poultry. 

Topics covered include: 

- Sourcing stock 

- Pastures for poultry 

- Health management 

- Biosecurity 

- Regulations 

Plus 9 case studies 

AgGuides are compiled by highly regarded industry experts to provide easy to follow advice on agriculture and support the Tocal College external study program for agriculture.

The Author

David Brouwer lectured in Agronomy at Tocal College for 15 years before developing a course in Conservation and Land Management for external students. He has run external diploma studies in agriculture and land management for almost 20 years. He has authored and co-authored over 50 books for students as well as running courses in property planning for farmers.



Chapter 1: The market for free range production

Chapter 2: Pitfalls for new entrants

Chapter 3: An introduction to production systems and standards for free range eggs

Chapter 4: An introduction to production systems and standards for meat birds

Chapter 5: Choosing a breed

Chapter 6: Sourcing stock

Chapter 7: Managing the flock

Chapter 8: Feeding and nutrition

Chapter 9: Housing for free range poultry

Chapter 10: Protecting the flock from predators

Chapter 11: Pastures for poultry

Chapter 12: Free range health management

Chapter 13: Biosecurity for free range production

Chapter 14: Regulations: state and local government

Chapter 15: A business plan for free range poultry

Chapter 16: EggInvest: an aid to planning and budgeting

Appendix 1: An example of free range standards–eggs

Appendix 2: Free range eggs. Standards compared

Appendix 3: Chicken suppliers


Case study 1: Alan and Shelley Green – eggs

Case study 2: Burrawong Poultry – meat birds

Case study 3: Mill Road Organic Farm – eggs

Case study 4: Mark Killen – eggs

Case study 5: Ray Marshall – meat and eggs

Case study 6: Rodney Pope – eggs

Case study 7: Roy and Ivy Inwood – eggs

Case Study 8: Milawa Free Range Poultry – meat birds

Case study 9: Tony Coote – eggs

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Agriculture NSW
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