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This book is an easy to use resource for preparing early childhood educators to work with diverse young children. Teaching dual language learners (DLLs) or English language learners (ELLs) in early childhood education can be a real challenge.  Language Castle is here to help with our new quick reference resource book filled with simple yet powerful ideas for teachers and directors of preschools, child care facilities, infant & toddler care programs, and other programs for the early years and reception. The strategies are essential for ESL, bilingual education, general and special education teachers in pre-K, kindergarten,  and primary or early elementary grades who work in multicultural classrooms. This user-friendly format puts new strategies at your fingertips, ready to adapt for any kind of program or curriculum.  You'll find ideas for welcoming families from different languages and cultures into your school or program, tips for setting up linguistically and culturally appropriate classrooms, language learning shortcuts and more.  Every chapter is organized around a topical theme and contains valuable resources and useful live links!

Do you know where to find free online resources in multiple languages?  Do you know what organizations in your community might be prepared to help immigrant families?  Do you know where to find engaging information on linguistic and cultural diversity to enliven your presentations?  Do you know that infants and toddlers who are DLLs need intentional, developmentally appropriate supports in their home language?  All this and more will be addressed when you open Language Castle's “Getting Teachers Ready to Teach Young DLLs”.

Early education professors, instructors, professional development providers, presenters, coaches and mentors can incorporate Language Castle's “Getting Teachers Ready to Teach Young DLLs” into their courses and presentations to prepare teachers and teacher candidates for their work with diverse populations.  This Professional Development Resource Toolkit will provide ideas and resources – including live links - that will help teachers enhance their own knowledge and practice, as well as resources they can use to support the families and the children in their programs.

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