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No one does the holidays like the quirky little town of Sapphire Falls!

Now available in one bundle, the holiday fan favorites, Getting In the Spirit and Getting In the Mood, along with the bonus short, Getting Frisky, will take you from Christmas to New Year's Eve to Valentine's Day in the small town that does everything big-- celebrations, fun... and falling in love.


It’s Christmas time in Sapphire Falls!

At least one good thing has come from Levi Spencer's car accident-- it seems to have knocked some sense into him. He's ready to leave his wild Vegas playboy ways behind and become a new man. And he knows just the place to do it...  his brother Joe's new hometown. He's never spent time in a place described as quaint or idyllic, and now he intends to revel in every charming, sweet thing he can find. Like the homegrown country girl his brother sets him up with for the Christmas formal.

Kate Leggot wants just one great Christmas. After a childhood without Christmas at all and three failed attempts to find the seasonal magic on her own, she agrees to spend the holiday with her friend Phoebe in Sapphire Falls. The Christmas-crazy town is a far cry from San Francisco and Kate quickly finds herself drawn into everything from the snow to the hot cocoa. And, of course, the sweet country boy Phoebe has set her up with for the formal. Looks like she's going to get everything she wanted-- and more-- under the tree this year.

A not-so-little mix-up, a hot kiss under the mistletoe and a candy cane or two later and December in Sapphire Falls has never been so hot.


It's New Year's Eve and Kate Leggot and Levi Spencer are madly in love. But they just met 11 days ago! Is it the real thing or was it just the mistletoe magic of Christmas in Sapphire Falls?

They're about to find out.


Kate and Levi thought Christmas in Sapphire Falls was crazy.

They haven’t seen anything yet.

After just eight weeks, Levi Spencer is feeling right at home in small-town Nebraska. He loves breakfasts with the old farmers at the diner. Loves learning how to haul wood and birth calves and snow-blow his drive. But he loves something more… or rather someone. And she lives in California. Levi wants Kate to ask him to move to the West Coast with her but if she knows how he feels about Sapphire Falls, she’ll never ask him to leave. So, he’ll have to downplay his feelings for his new hometown…somehow.

Kate’s back in Sapphire Falls to surprise Levi on the most romantic day of the year… and with her plan to stay in Sapphire Falls this time.  But she soon discovers Levi hasn’t shared everything about his new life. In fact, he almost seems to be trying to scare her off with all the talk of snakes and bugs and bad coffee and worse oatmeal. He even lied about the county’s best muffins being right here in Sapphire Falls. Why would he deny her muffins?! The sex is still off the charts, but if that’s all Levi wants, Kate will have to learn to deal with it…somehow.

Warning:  Read only if you like fun, small town contemporary romances where they talk dirty and act even dirtier.

November 6
EN Fiction, Inc
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Dixilee ,

Getting Wrapped Up

A teensy too heavy on the sex, but a good romance novel.

Tobie Tyler ,

Getting Wrapped Up

This was a simple quick read love story. Cute and some hot and spicy mixed in.

Crystal Singer ,

GREAT box set!

Getting in the Spirit:
There isn't a book that Erin Nicholas writes that I don't completely love. And Getting in the Spirit solidifies that! What a fantastic story about two people, who aren't from Sapphire Falls, but it's magic of making people fall in love hits them too! Kate, needing a break and to have a GOOD Christmas, decides that spending some time in Sapphire Falls at her friend Phoebe's place is exactly what she needs. Get away from California. Soak in the Christmas spirit. Little does she know that she's going to have a house mate. Levi needs to make some serious changes to his life. It's time to slow down and get his life together. Little does he know that a beautiful blonde is about to change his life for him.
A blind date with the wrong people sets up this sexy, swoony, heartfelt, fun, romantic story. I couldn't love these two together anymore than I do. They chemistry is totally hot it melts snow! ;)
If you're looking for a short, totally sexy, fun, wonderful read.....this is it!

Getting in the Mood:
I love it when Erin Nicholas gives her readers books like this! Short, sweet and nothing but sexy goodness!! Getting In The Mood is the continuation of Levi and Kate’s story. This time, it’s Valentine’s Day in Sapphire Falls. Kate plans to surprise Levi in his little hometown for a Valentine’s Day he won’t soon forget. He thinks she is going to DC, little does he know she is planning on paying him a visit…not just for one day, but forever. Kate finally decides that Sapphire Falls is where she wants to be. So she gave up her job and her apartment and she just have to work up the nerve to tell Levi that even though it’s only been a few short weeks, she wants to be wherever he is. Levi has decided that he is moving to Kate’s home in California. Unfortunately, he knows Kate would never ask him to be with her there because she knows how happy he is in Sapphire Falls. So he sets out to make her believe that Sapphire Falls has nothing to offer. Fortunately for him, no amount of bad oatmeal, bad coffee or gross insects can scare her off.
If you thought that Getting In The Spirit (Kate and Levi’s first story) was hot, let me recommend that you buy this book! These two have a chemistry that is unlike any other. Whenever they are within 10 feet of each other there are fireworks! And let me tell you, Levi Spencer has a way of making ALL food sexy!
You’ll get sappy romance, sweet hometown fun, HOT-outside-a-bar fun, truck rocking, fun in a sled, unbelievable sexiness with food and some glimpses at Tucker(from the next book, Getting It All) in this one!

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