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Not all ghosts are dead. 

Gideon Price is an artist of the theatre. A brilliant actor. An inspiring teacher. Just living the freelance life. He goes to New York to star in a show, teach an acting class, and figure out his next gig.

At least, that was the plan.

Then a chance encounter with a mysterious member of the TROUPE launches Gideon into the performance of his life. Joining forces with this covert band of vigilantes, Gideon hunts a lone wolf terrorist intent upon horrific destruction. 

But can the TROUPE be trusted? And if Gideon can't outrun the ghosts of his past, how will he chase down the terrorist in time to prevent an unthinkable massacre?

The first book in the thrilling new Troupe Series, GHOST LIGHT is a compulsive page-turner sure to keep your pulse pounding till the final curtain!


Q - So what makes the Troupe Series special?

A - It's a mix of things. The kind of stories I like to read and watch are full of thrills and suspense, action and twists. Stories that put comedy and tragedy side by side. That's the essence of drama. I've been an actor, director, and playwright for 25 years, so when I read a story I see it unspool in my head like a show on the stage. That bleeds into my writing. I write "theatrically."

Q - What does that mean?

A - It means my stories are character-driven. It doesn't matter if the heroes are in danger if you don't care about them! I want to engage the reader emotionally, make it impossible for them to put the book down, the same way I try to make an audience lean forward in their theatre seats.

Q - How else does theatre influence your writing?

A - The most obvious connection is one of the main characters, Gideon Price. He's an actor and that's why he connects so well with the Troupe. The Troupe is a team of vigilantes trying to not just save people but inspire them to be their own heroes, which is exactly what theatre does. So I weave in theatrical ideas: costumes, props, scripts, performers, stage managers, etc.

Q - You are very clear that the Troupe Series is about a team rather than a solo hero.

A - Yes! Theatre is collaborative, and my favorite stories are about teams that win by working together. When improvisers are about to go on stage, it's our tradition to pat each other on the shoulders and say "Got your back!" I want that same spirit of camaraderie in my books. By focusing on a team I can diversify my cast, explore various points of view, and do my part to level the field of representation. I've got a bad-ass female protagonist in the Troupe, along with heroes of various ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Q - So how would you categorize your books?

A - They definitely fall into the thriller and suspense genre, but along with the kick-butt fight scenes and narrow escapes there is provocative artistic philosophy and political one-upmanship. And villains with huge, dastardly intentions. So if you like quick pacing, twists and gasps and laughs, and getting to know a team of characters on an emotional level, then you are going to love the Troupe.

Q - GHOST LIGHT is your debut novel and Book 1 of the Troupe Series. When can we expect more?

A - I'm about to publish a novella, THE UNDERSTUDY, connecting Books 1 and 2. Book 2 is called BLACKOUT. I don't want to give away any spoilers for those who haven't read GHOST LIGHT yet, but rest assured that Gideon and the Troupe are still in pursuit of the enemy they have yet to unmask! Thanks for reading!

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April 15
Jason Cannon
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