Ghost River Ghost River

Ghost River

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Publisher Description

Everything dies in the desert.

Some places have a history so dark it stains the soil.

Orphan Rock is one of them.

For years, the Northamm family has served the Crooked Woman. Bound by sinister magic, they commit unspeakable acts to save themselves and the ones they love from something wicked that's stirring beneath the dirt.  

Harpies in the hills. Demons in the dark. Lonely girls who command giant earthworms that tunnel between worlds…

Anything goes in this twisted tale of monsters, mayhem, and revenge.

A contemporary dark fantasy with elements of horror, Chad Ryan's Ghost River is a gritty and desolate journey into the peaks and gulches of the human spirit.


Ghost River explores sensitive subject matter, including graphic violence/death, disturbing imagery, misogyny, domestic abuse, child abuse, racism, kidnapping, and sexual assault. Read with caution.


"The thing I enjoyed most about the book was its success in building a world where seemingly fantastical creatures and events could believably exist alongside the mundane modern world we live in. There is a vivid imagination at work here with effective and descriptive prose that evokes a visceral and sensual picture in the mind of the reader. The level of creativity and originality on display is undeniable and there is no doubt the author is a skilled and confident writer. I think fans of King and other pure horror masters will find this ambitious book to be both as thought-provoking and unforgettable as I did."- Helen Whistberry

"For his debut novel, Chad Ryan throws you into a unique and expansive world. As you read you will find yourself on the same adventure as the characters — a dark and gritty adventure. You'll feel close to each character and the lives they live; you'll feel many emotions, and find yourself connecting to the people, and places, on a deep and personal level. In other words, the town of Orphan Rock will consume you." - Emily Trupp

Fiction & Literature
February 3
Lost Boys Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Roni a dog misser ,

Deliciously Dark

This book is hard to put into words. It is truly like nothing I’ve ever read—in the best way. It’s a macabre masterpiece, delightful in its darkness. The characters and the action are all so beautifully creepy and complex. I got attached to the supposed “bad guys” and rooting against the “good guys.” It reminded me of grim masterpieces like Pans Labyrinth. This book is not for the faint of heart, but if you are like me and love a great walk in the dark, then pick this book up!!

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