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America is no more. The shining beacon of the Free World has succumbed to an Apocalypse that brought the nation to its knees. Groups of survivors battle for survival. One such group is led by Oz Porter, former Marine sniper and a tough survivalist. A prepper, he is one of the few to possess the skills to take his people to safety, and the chance of new life. To escape the clutches of Omega, the brutal organization intent on taking control by any means of a nation battling to emerge from the darkness.

Pursued by a ruthless and relentless hunt, most normal men would surrender to the inevitable. Many say the fight is lost. Is the end in sight, the final battle he cannot win?

They are heading west, following the old Oregon Trail, where hope of a return to normality beckons. All the signs point to them walking into a trap. There is no going back yet going forward is a journey into the unknown dangers, where death is but a heartbeat away.

What lies before them? Is there an obstacle so great they cannot get through without huge loss of life?
They meet an enemy tougher than any so far. An enemy they cannot fight, because they cannot see them. How do you fight the Ghost Warriors?

An enemy seemingly from Hell. An enemy they must overcome if they are to get through. How are they to fight them?
An enemy that appears from nowhere, kills and vanishes. They cannot go back; they cannot go forward. To fight them, they must follow them into the dark depths, a place where human beings have become soulless monsters.

Forever Free: Ghost Warriors is the tenth short novel in the Forever Free series. A chronicle of the vicious aftermath of the breakdown of American society.

Fiction & Literature
May 29
Swordworks & Miro Books
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