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Edmund and Mary Wilder are very much in love. But the death of their young son, Tommy, has shattered their family. Edmund is determined to bring them back together, drawing on the only bit of strength he has left—his love for Mary and their daughter, Stephanie. But Mary sinks deeper into depression while little Stephanie’s anger grows. Edmund flounders in his attempts to rescue his family from the brink of collapse and doesn’t know where to turn.


Then Mary receives an invitation for the family to become guests at Manor House, a seemingly quaint Bed and Breakfast. This, she assures her husband, is the answer to all their troubles.

Edmund arrives ahead of his family to spend a couple days working on his long-delayed novel.   But his growing curiosity about the old house leads Edmund to an encounter that will change him forever. 

What will you sacrifice for love?

An old fashioned psychological thriller with a nod to Stephen King, Manor House will keep you guessing and compel you to turn the page to the very end.  

A mother will sacrifice anything for her children. A husband will risk everything to save his wife. Manor House will take them all.

Fiction & Literature
June 22
Matt Powers

Customer Reviews

Trinreads ,


This is a great read about ghosts and a haunted house. The unknown is scary, especially near the end. This book is very short and I want to read more. I would definitely read another book by Matt Powers.

Dragonflyac ,

Spooky and Entertaining

I love this book!
The unknown within the pages of this book was intriguing, and it pulled me in to read more. I think it had a lot of promise, although the short length of Matt's novella withheld his potential. I wish there was more detail to learn more about Edmund and the other characters. I would definitely read another book by this author. If you enjoy a good ghost story, you should read Ghosts of Manor House.

chris_santeramo ,

Creepy Fun

GoMH is a creepy fun read! Reading on a hot summer day or just before bed will chill you, and stir up a rich playlist of dreams. The story is quite visual, like watching a goosebumpy, supernatural thriller on tv. The characters, setting and plot twists are cleverly satisfying. Looking forward to the next book by this author.

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