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Chicago 1924

For Su Xi, magic is unimaginable. It's being able to speak freely and dress how she feels like. It's using makeup if she wants to and feeling attractive and mysterious. It's dancing with strangers to exotically wild music.
This is what she gets when she comes to America at the height of the Jazz Age. Born and raised in a small Chinese village, Susie now lives in a luxurious Chicago apartment with her man, Mah Shu - Simon - who manages a popular - if shady - speakeasy.

One night, Susie meets Blood in the speakeasy, and she discovers that magic may be something altogether different. Headier, more powerful, and yet elusive. Magic is speaking her mind fiercely. It's imagining a future she may craft with her dreams and her own hands. Magic isn't about what she possesses but about who she is.
Magic is dangerous.

And Simon knows it. He's been seeking magic and power for a long time, and now he can get it, thanks to Susie. If she doesn't listen to Blood. If she doesn't see that imagined future too clearly. If she remains her loyal woman, as she has promised to be.

Fiction & Literature
March 4
Sarah Zama
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Customer Reviews

rokinrev ,

Holy Allegory Batman!

“We can only have if we give first”

Sui Xie, known as Susie lives and works with Mah Su,Simon. In a speakeasy in Chicago in 1924. However, things aren’t always as they seem as a stranger,Blood, and his brother, Michael arrive on the scene, forcing many battles within Susie, with Simon and an emotional entanglement with Blood that might change all their worlds forever.Set during Prohibition, Susie is amazed that in a time of forbidden things, so much is done to still enjoy life: a fight between good and the temptation evil can spawn

Is it evil to want to be free? Are the characters willing to fight for it? I dare you to read this and draw your own conclusion. A highly intelligent very interesting recommendation 5/5

[disclaimer: I received this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it]