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The Gift Of Holy Spirit: The Power to Be Like Christ 

Power. Power to excel in all that life throws at you. Power to heal, help, and comfort those in need. If you are a Christian, knowing the power of God that lives within you will give you a real confidence in who you are and what you can do. Read on for more detail or buy the book for a life-changing read.


The “Holy Spirit” is one of the most misunderstood subjects in Christendom today, and the rampant confusion regarding it is causing great spiritual and emotional damage to many sincere believers. 

Few Christians understand the difference between the “Holy Spirit” (God, the Giver) and the “holy spirit” (His gift to each person at the moment of his new birth as a Christian). Few know that the “baptism of the holy spirit” is synonymous with the new birth. Few know that speaking in tongues is not a “gift” of the spirit but a manifestation of the gift of holy spirit that every Christian already has and can utilize. 

The gift of holy spirit is the greatest gift God can give, and in this current “administration of the secret,” which began on Pentecost and ends with the Rapture of all Christians, there are four distinct differences that are critical to understand. In the Old Testament, God chose who got holy spirit, He gave it by measure, it was conditional, and it was temporary. But what Jesus now gives is for all who choose to make him Lord, it is without measure, unconditional, and permanent.

God anointed Jesus with holy spirit to equip him for his ministry, and now the risen Lord Jesus anoints each person with that same power the moment he is born again. You can walk in the same power Jesus did and be like him.

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September 12
The Living Truth Fellowship
The Living Truth Fellowship

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