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A friends-to-lovers romance that will make you melt.

Oliver’s a dreamer who is always ready for the next big adventure.

Piper’s the steady one who keeps his feet on the ground.

He’s wildly successful, thanks to her always being there to catch him when he leaps before he looks. But she wants more. While he’s as clueless as ever.

So she just gave her two weeks notice.

Ollie doesn’t know how he’ll survive without Piper. So for the next two weeks, he’ll be sticking to her like the marshmallows on the s’mores she loves so much. He’s even willing to go… gulp… camping to prove his devotion.

But does he want her as his assistant... or is there a sweeter spot in his life for the woman who's always had his back--and possibly even his heart?

January 19
EN Fiction, Inc.
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Gimme ‘more

ARC for honest review with no compensation received from Social Butterfly

The book we have all been waiting for…Oliver and Piper!

We have watched these two from the very first book, watching their interactions, she as his assistant to keep him in line but her feelings have been developing and she wants more but she doesn’t think that will be happening so she quits and Ollie doesn’t think he can do life without her. Watch what happens as these to navigate their relationship...

You need to get this book and all the others in this series!! What an amazing, fun, well written series by Ms. Nicholas!!

Laura__F ,

S’more Please

From the beginning of the Hot Cakes series, I’ve been low-key obsessed with Piper. She’s the voice of reason and the glue that holds this together. I have been counting down the days until I finally get to see how she moves from the assistant that gets all of the things done to finally taking things to the next level with Ollie.

Ollie is one of those people who has his head in the clouds and would forget the basic functions of life if someone wasn’t coming behind him to remind him. He doesn’t even know how he takes his coffee or what his favorite muffins are. But watching him figure out how deep his feelings for Piper are, how much he values all of the relationships in his life, and how high his star could go was so much fun to read. Parts of this book absolutely broke my heart.

I have loved every second of this series and I am definitely going to miss Appleby but I will hold out hope that there are other residents that will get their HEA.

Cheryl SDS ,

Sweet and sexy!

This is book 6 in the Hot Cakes series and it features Oliver and Piper. Wow! I didn’t realize how deep emotions would run for these two. The story was sweet, funny and totally, unexpectedly sexy! I love Piper and how she’s so “tell it like it is” to everyone. Ollie is just a sweet guy who wants everyone to be happy.  

Bravo to this amazing author for really doing some intense research into what it means to love and be loved by someone with ADHD. This was a fabulous read!  I’m sad the series has to come to an end but excited to see what’s next.

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