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It's the perfect escape. Until things get real...

Mia Strong is beyond stressed out. With pre-med courses, the looming qualifying exam, a job, and her mother's serious health problems, she’s feeling the pressure from all sides. As a distraction, she turns to online gaming and her newest addiction, Dragon Epoch. Mia seeks an escape into fantasy—never dreaming that she’d find something real.

He goes by FallenOne. He's smart, funny, and has a sexy voice. Their instant connection is the best thing that’s happened to Mia in a long time. He listens for hours while she bares her innermost fears. But he holds everything back about himself. At first, the mystery intrigues her, until she faces a life-altering decision. Now, Mia needs someone she can trust. 

Will FallenOne’s friendship turn into something real? Or will the fantasy disappear, leaving her alone and in turmoil? 


Girl Geek ~ available now (Mia)

At Any Price ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 1)

At Any Turn ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 2)

At Any Moment ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 3)

For The Win ~ available now (Jordan & April)

For The One ~ available now (William & Jenna)

Worth Any Cost ~ available now (Adam & Mia part 4)

For The Taking ~ forthcoming in 2019 (Katya & Lucas)

August 11
Silver Griffon Associates
Silver Griffon Associates

Customer Reviews

Lilrn03. Sue ,

Great prequel to At Any Price

I started reading this in Brenna's newsletter, but after a few chapters decided I would wait and read the final polished version when it was published.

This book is a prequel to At Any Price, which was the first novel in her Gaming the System series. If you've read the series i encourage you to read this. I loved meeting Mia and Heath and being there when she meets FallenOne and Katya. You are with her through the period leading up to her med school exam and her mothers illness and see what helps drive her to the auction. I felt it really adds to the experience of the series.

If you haven't read her Gaming the System series, read Girl Geek and then run out to get At Any Price, after reading about Mia auctioning off her virginity and meeting her man, you will be hooked on this series like I was.

NewEarthorBust ,

5 stars

Different, intriguing.

KarlisaJade ,

Read first

Definitely read this before book one. Funny an quick. Each of the characters are unique and intriguing. Can’t wait to read more.

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