Girl of the Night Garden

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Publisher Description

A haunting, star-crossed Young Adult romance.

Once there was a girl with a heart as black as night... 

Or so legend goes. But I know better. Grown in the Night Witch's garden and tasked with softening the souls of men, the dream spells I spin keep the women of earth safe. Without it, they would be as miserable (and damaged) as my mother.

Let the humans call me names—banshee, nightmare, monster—I sleep deep and dreamless.

Until the day I’m rescued from the sea by a forbidden boy. Until the night we break all the magical rules and the kiss that changes…everything. 

Until the moment I realize Mother’s the one who’s been spinning lies.

Now I must choose—between love and duty. Between life and something worth living for. Between the boy who owns my heart and a legacy as wicked as a witch’s curse.

Young Adult
March 26
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

KindleKat64 ,

Fantastically amazing YA Fantasy!

This is a Young Adult Fantasy and it is a really good and interesting story. Lili Valente shows such imagination with the world and characters she has created for readers to enjoy. I know I really enjoyed listening to this as an audiobook which is narrated so wonderfully by Lili herself as Foxglove/Clara and by Joe Jameson as Declan. That was my first time hearing Joe and I just love him!
I was totally there with Clara and Declan and some other interesting characters on their adventure in this story which really says a lot about both the story itself and the narrators.
I loved it!

AudioAgal16 ,

Literary and Audio Perfection!

My first thoughts, as I read AND listened to the prologue, is this is beautiful literature. The imagery is so descriptive and almost flowery, which makes sense, coming from the Girl of the Night Garden. It transported me to a time when I read books like The Secret Garden. Lili transported me and submerged me into the Night Garden and the other towns, villages, islands, oceans that Clara / Foxglove visited.

This is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. Lili created this fantasy world of the Night Garden, and brought the characters into the real world of near-Italy and near-England, weaving magic throughout. There are many twists I was not expecting. A beautiful star-crossed love story. They were both always and never...and always meant to be.

This is one of those books that sticks with you for the very best reasons. I am sure it will be one I go back to and read or listen to many times.

Lili is one of my favorite narrators, so of course I loved her as Clara / Foxglove. Joe Jameson...oh my. You are going to LOVE his European accent and his soothing voice. I could listen to him all day.

I’m not even sure whose writing to compare this to for an “if you like____, you’ll love this.” It feels familiar, and also so unique. So I will say, if you love beautifully written love stories with magic, mystery, and lovely words, this one is for you.

coffeegoddesstmk ,

This Story Is Magical


GIRL OF THE NIGHT GARDEN by author Lili Valente is, simply put, beautiful. Lyrical, haunting, imaginative, this is a story that I fell into and got lost in from the very first page, and I absolutely loved it.

I am an unabashed lover of young adult books. There is something about them that always appeals, and I have long been a fan. With GIRL OF THE NIGHT GARDEN, Lili has once again shown how very talented she is, writing a book that, while definitely part of the YA fantasy genre, will appeal to book lovers of all ages.

Foxglove's and Declan's story is magical, both uplifting and heartbreaking. It is a journey to the deepest part of the heart, and a picture of what true love really means. I smiled and sobbed my way through this book, and I know that it will stay with me for a very long time. This one is a gift, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. ❤️

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