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This gender bender 3-pack bundle contains Drug to Make You Grow a Dick, The Girl with a Dick, and She-Male Love. A 15745 word collection about girls growing dicks and getting it on with guys who love their new penile body parts! Has transgenders, handjobs, blowjobs, anal jobs, tickling of trapped ballsacks, balls touching balls, and a mfm pegging train! Adults only! All characters over 18.Excerpt:We got back into it again, rubbing and stroking our cocks until they were erect and twitching once more. Feelings of lust and pleasure started welling up again, and this time, we weren't going to stop. Now that I didn't have to be as gentle anymore, I started getting rougher with my treatment, pumping his dick enthusiastically while my fingers jerked and pulled at his balls. Following into my pace, he started doing some of the same. Wrapping his fingers around my dick, he started repeatedly squeezing it, hard, like he was trying to squeeze out all of my pre-cum. His other hand deliberately teased and tickled my balls, causing me to gasp and jump. Then he gripped them firmly, pumping them repeatedly to great pleasurable effect.I could feel the drops of pre-cum squirting through my shaft to splash out of my dick's opening. It felt absolutely amazing. Best of all, we wouldn't have to worry about accidentally ejaculating and ending this session. Despite feeling like I would come at any second, nothing of the sort happened. I could just continue to stroke and be stroked, reveling in this incredible ecstasy. That's it. I'm definitely going to have to get the alchemy recipes for these from him later."So how's that dick working out for you?""I could get used to it."I smiled, doing my 'bottle-shake' routine on his penis and testes again. My hands were starting to get tired though, and I suspect his were too."Hey, don't suppose you can mix up something to make us more energetic?""Now you're getting spoilt. Aren't you afraid something like that might not go so well with the other stuff you've already taken?""Oh yeah. Good point. Well, how about we try something different now?"We untangled our hands and I had him lay down on his back. I sat down on top of him, straddling his crotch with my own. My dick made contact with his, slipping around from our combined pre-cum lubrication."Hee hee, our balls are touching. It's officially gay now.""I'm okay about being gay with you.""That's right. You better not be gay with anyone else but me!"I laid my torso down on top of his, then grinded my hips, rubbing our cocks together between our bodies. Each time I slid back and forth, my balls would slap lewdly against his. He started thrusting his hips out to meet mine, getting into a bit of a rhythm. My pre-cum kept on spilling out, making me almost worried about getting dehydrated."Hey, how long does that orgasm inhibitor last?""Not too long. It'll probably wear off faster if we push it.""You mean, get so aroused that our bodies break through the inhibitors just to ejaculate?""That's the idea.""I like it!"Renewing my efforts, I grinded even more fiercely, immersing myself in the pleasurable feelings brought upon by our heated passion. He reached around with both hands, and grabbed my butt, squeezing tightly and repeatedly, pressing my body against his as I gasped and cried lewdly at the delightful stimulation. Our crotches were slick with pre-cum, making it easier to rub up on each other. My t**s dragged back and forth across his chest, titillating us both with the sensations. I was so horny now, I felt like I could burst any second. Yet, despite the immense pleasurable sensations, the inhibitor continued to take effect, teasing and frustrating me with the promise of sexual release that was just out of reach.

Fiction & Literature
June 25
Pen Penguin
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