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This lesbian lactation 3-pack bundle contains Forced to Give Milk, Project: Milky Overflow, and Milking The Milk Maid. A 15121 word collection about girls with sensitive milky breasts having lots of fun making each other squirt and drinking their sweet, delicious milk! Has female snowballing, breast inflation, sexual humiliation, and a shape shifting magic cow! Adults only! All characters over 18. Excerpt: I felt a soft pressure building inside my breasts, and watched, as they magically expanded, filling up with milk. They still weren't very big compared to Marcy, but just seeing myself like this made me feel so much more confident and sexy. She took hold of my t**s between her fingers, and squeezed. "Ahhhn~" Was that lewd voice coming from me? It was so relaxing and pleasurable. I felt the pressure alleviating slightly, as something warm squirted out through my nipples, dribbling ticklishly down my front. Now I see why Marcy's such a big fan of this. "Marcy, I'm doing it... I'm actually squirting milk..." "It's fun, right? Don't worry, we can do this as looooong as you want." Oh no, don't say that. If you do, I might never want to stop. Her fingers were squeezing in alternating rhythms, left, right, left, right. She tucked her head down, nibbling gently on my collarbone, then twisted my nipples firmly, spilling my milk out in a spiraling pattern. "Oh Marcy... please don't stop... this is soooo good..." I felt all of my worries and tension draining away, as if she was milking them out through my nipples. Unexpectedly, I was also making quite a mess all over the floor. I didn't think I would have that much milk in me, so maybe it was Marcy's magic that was the cause of my endless supply. On top of being relaxed, I was starting to feel rather aroused. Her warm breath on my neck, the way her fingers played over my breasts, squeezing my nipples to milky ejaculations. All of it was stroking a small fire within my loins, slowly making it bigger and more fierce. I started grinding my back up against her again, this time making sure to concentrate my efforts on her vagina. "Clara... it's hard for me to concentrate if you do that." She protested, but I continued, determined to make her feel the same way I did right now; lewd and horny. "I can't help it, Marcy. Your milking technique's just too good." She stuck her tongue out cutely. "Well, I might've cheated by making your boobs a little more sensitive." Then she danced her fingertips along my breasts, tickling me into squirmy fits. In revenge, I reached down and tickled her inner thighs. "Oh no, Clara don't!" Suddenly, my bust exploded with sensation. I felt myself reeling, vaguely aware of the massive flood of milk that had spilled out and carpeted the floor, covering our legs in milky white fluids. Did all that come from my breasts, just now? Something... something intense was working its way through my system, firing up all the nerves in my body. My head felt dizzy and light. My chest was thumping up and down with ragged pants. My body felt hot and achy. Sweat was dripping down my face. Most of all, I felt an incredibly intense arousal, one that needed attention. Now.

Fiction & Literature
June 15
Pen Penguin
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