Give Up the Ghost

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Publisher Description

Some secrets should stay buried

Ghost hunter Verity Long is no stranger to scandal. In fact, it seems to follow her around like her pet skunk, Lucy. But Verity is as shocked as anybody when a town relic discovered in a time capsule unleashes a torrent of secrets that lead to murder.

Trouble is, the only residents in Sugarland who know the truth behind the scandal also happen to be very dead themselves. With a killer on the loose and a town in crisis, Verity braves a side of Sugarland she's never seen before. From a booby-trapped haunted mansion to a run-in with the spirit of Sugarland's most notorious blackmailer who may hold the key to setting mob ghost Frankie free...for a price.

But when a live killer gets an inside track on Verity's investigation, will she live long enough to give up the ghost?

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 31
Moose Island Books
Angela Marie Fox

Customer Reviews

SueSliv ,

Give Up the Ghost

Probably one of my favorites in this series. I stopped reading at book 8 and restarted this summer. This one seems to have returned to the fun mysteries of the earlier books. Love the new twists!

dixianna ,

Best in the series so far

I have read all the books in this series and although they were all very good, this one, exceeds expectations. I really enjoyed all the unexpected twists and turns to the plot. I’m looking forward to the next new one.

Koalau ,

Verity & the gang are back and better than ever!

I discovered Angie Fox when I ran across her Accidental Demon Slayer series and read every one of the books. When I got through with those, I moved on to her other books. The Southern Ghost Hunter series is fabulous! I’ve read all of them as soon as I can get my hands on them. This is the 11th book in this series. And while she does a good job explaining the premise in each book so that you “could” technically read as a stand-alone book, I highly recommend reading the full series!
In this latest book we catch up with Verity, her hot cop boyfriend, her pet skunk, and of course you can’t forget her ghostly sidekick/mystery solving partner Frankie (don’t call him Frank, lol). Scandal has hit her small Southern town of Sugarland in the form of a long lost (literal) “book of secrets” that a hairdresser kept all the towns secrets and scandals that she heard while cutting hair. And she’d use the secrets she kept so carefully in her journal to blackmail fellow townspeople. After her death the book disappeared and everyone thought they were safe again. Until a time capsule from 1985 was unearthed early and it surfaced just long enough to have everyone worried about their secrets coming into the light of day again when the daughter of the hairdresser that kept the book claims it as hers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to keep it long as someone murders her and the book goes missing again. The Sugarland police are on the case, but Verity with Frankie’s help are the only ones who can get valuable information from the ghostly plane.
As always this is a fast paced, well written, and funny mystery that will keep you reading “just one more chapter” even if you should be doing something else. And for readers that have been following the series, there may be some pleasant surprises in store!

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