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Appellees brought this suit in trespass-to-try title to recover title and possession of a tract of 32.52 acres of land in Colorado County. The suit involves a boundary dispute between appellants and appellees, the appellants contending that the boundary is a fence line on the south side of their land, which separated their tract from appellees adjoining tract for more than 60 years, and the appellees contending that the true line was not the fence line but a line parallel therewith and some 95 varas north thereof. Appellants filed pleas of not guilty and have set up various statutes of limitation, long recognition of the fence line as being the true line, and acquiescence by appellees therein. Judgment was entered in favor of appellees by the court upon the jury verdict which found against appellants on the issues covering limitation and adverse possession, and also on the issue covering acquiescence on the part of appellees in the fence as being the true boundary line between the tracts. The jury did not answer the issue as to whether the land in dispute was enclosed under the fence in dispute by mistake as to the true location of the south boundary line of appellants land, known as the Hurr land, but did answer that D. P. Hurr or his wife, Mattie Hurr, or those claiming under them, had admitted, acknowledged or recognized by words, acts or deeds that title to the tract of land in dispute was in other persons.

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