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This book gives the international businessperson or traveler an easy-to-read reference that can help explain the reactions and responses of the local people who are in their home country, acting in their normal work environment. While the traveler is dealing with language differences, time zone changes, food and customs that may be difficult to process, company expectations and business outcomes will be demanded as if work was being done in the traveler’s home country.

By breaking geographic areas into common-themed characteristics and ways of looking at necessary processes to do business, the foreign traveler is given practical ways of dealing with business and the expectations of the hosts. By using the tools in this book, foreign travelers can adjust their approaches resulting in higher expectations for successful results.

Recognizing the need to listen first and speak in a way that invites collaboration, foreign travelers need to work to get the most out of all the people involved in the transaction. Using the information in this book will give the traveler a better chance to get the results hoped for from an expensive international business trip.

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May 22
Global Collaborations
Global Collaborations

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Chhhh232 ,

Global Perspectives is a great read for business professionals

Global Perspectives provides the reader with insights into the dynamics of working in international business. The authors have been quite astute in the development of their Classifications of Cultures Model which is based on cultural similarities and differences related to a business person's performance of tasks, influence of relationships, and perceptions of time. Using ten major cultural groups from around the world the authors demonstrate how the readers can become better at adapting their behavior when dealing with cultural differences. In addition, the author's present their Model of Global Business Practices where they discuss differences in the structure, business processes, and methods of communications utilized by various cultures during business negotiations. Whether you are new to international business, or consider yourself an expert, this book will challenge you to expand your understanding of how culture influences your global perspectives. Enhancing one's understanding of foreign cultures can only improve your personal success and your relationships with foreign business partners.