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Updated in 2020. Global Revival, Worldwide Outpourings documents forty-three visitations of the Holy Spirit from across the globe. It spans four centuries and features revivals from 30 different countries, from Argentina to Australia, Estonia to Eritrea, Jamaica to Japan and Zimbabwe to Zululand. 

The author explores the Divine-human partnership of missions and heaven-sent revivals and awakenings, and discover the thirteen waves of missions within Christendom, how evangelism and revival were integral forces to these movements. He reveals how revivals are birthed and expounds the fascinating links between laymen and missionaries, and the revivals that they saw, as they sought God for the “greater things” in a spirit of holiness, in fulfilment of the Great Commission. 


34 revivals from the Holy Bible. 

13 waves of missions within Christendom. 

God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility. 

Evangelism versus revivals and awakenings. 

43 documented accounts of revivals from across the globe. 

Why we need heaven-sent revival and steps towards it. 

How to pray and work towards genuine revival 

Our individual and corporate responsibility. 

Our motives and nurturing a revival. 

Observations from revivalists.

Containing forty-three documented accounts of revivals from across the globe, plus an overview of more than thirty revivals from the Holy Bible! God has so much more for us, if we are willing to meet His conditions and pay the price. Learn from the past, be challenged for today and be inspired for the future! 

Mathew Backholer is the co-founder of ByFaith Media (www.ByFaith.org) and author of a number of books, including Revival Fires and Awakenings, Understanding Revival, Revival Fire and Reformation to Revival. As a revival historian, Mathew collates, documents and records revivals and awakenings from around the globe and films and co-presents ByFaith TV, which airs on more than a dozen Christian networks around the world. He has travelled to more than 40 nations researching revivals and carrying out mission work.

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