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Joe Jackson is a freelance journalist with The Irish Times. He also is an author and a broadcaster whose programmes include ten one hour specials titled 'The Essential Elvis.' He also happens to be a life-long Elvis fan who lightheartedly suggests he has been "writing about Elvis since January 8th 1964, when I wrote in my first childhood diary, 'It is the King of Pop's birthday today, ELVIS, he is 29.' More seriously in the memoir section of this anthology that includes his award-winning 1990 interview with Gordon Stoker, a singer with Presley's original vocal group, the Jordanaires, Jackson recalls life-changing moments such as his tenth birthday when he first discovered rock 'n' roll and became aware of The Jordanaires.
His father gave him and old 78 record, I Need Your Love Tonight c/w A Fool Such As I, he read the title, saw 'ELVIS PRESLEY with The Jordanaires' and said, in innocence and ignorance, "that must be the name of his backing band!" In his mind, he was thinking of combos such as Cliff Richard and The Shadows. Either way, what he heard that day, as a relatively new Elvis fan, fired his love for The Jordanaires and Presley's backing musicians such as drummer DJ Fontana, that would lead, nearly thirty years later to him tracking down his childhood heroes to interview. Both Fontana and Stoker, who Jackson interviewed separately, in 1989 and 1990, identified that he was a "true fan." Stoker said even said so. He commented to the interviewer "I can tell that you are a true fan, and you care as much about Elvis, as I do. That's why I'm really enjoying doing this interview with you today. And you sure do know his music!"
That passion for Elvis Presley, and a deeply held concern for the man's musical legacy, pulses at the heart of Glory Days With Elvis. But please note it is a booklet in the style of an Amazon 'Singles" and not a full length book

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Joe Jackson
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