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Sex! Sex! Sex! Down and dirty, nasty on her knees sex! Hilary is her firm's hot-shot lawyer, working long exhausting hours for months on end, and she's getting so horny she can barely stand it. First distraction, misdirection, and then she finds herself before a wall with just one hole separating her from three big, black men. And they are horny enough to offer her something she has no desire to refuse. Warning, this story contains extremely explicit consensual sex between adults, namely a smoking hot and horny female lawyer and three unknown black guys on the other side of a wall, with only a small opening between them. This sexy short story is all sizzling porn, getting down and dirty. * * * Only for 18+ adults * * * Excerpt: She squeaked and jumped back. Heart racing, she swallowed hard and wondered why she was so worried. So what if they caught her looking. There wasn't anything they could, or would even want to do about it. Right? A wall separated them. While that went through her mind, the three gang bangers started calling out to her, jostling each other as they took turns looking at her through the hole. She heard things like "hot ho" and "Sweet ass" coming through the wall. It was actually kind of flattering they thought she was attractive. She did get lots of double-takes and hungry stares. In her mind, at least, they sounded horny. Butterflies erupted deep in her belly, and she suddenly felt extremely hot. Her skin prickled as sweat broke out and she stroked her throat as images of hot, raunchy sex played out before her mind's eye. Yeah, back in law school she had a great time, with a lot of different men. Those were the days. The gang bangers thrust something through the hole. It was long, thick and dark brown. Hilary stared at it several seconds before she realized what it was. About the Author: Raquel Rogue has a passion for erotic writing, her pet Yorkie, and stilettos. Not necessarily in that order. She can't get her fertile mind off the tawdry, taboo side of life, so writes stories so wet, wild, and wicked, it'll curl your toes.

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March 1
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