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Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee | Digest & Review 

Go Set a Watchman is the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird (although it was actually written first). It centers around twenty-something Jean Louise “Scout” Finch leaving New York City and coming back home to Maycomb, Alabama, to visit her father and other friends and family. Her return home brings back turbulent issues from her childhood regarding politics and racial tension, and it brings some shocking truths to light. Memories from when she was a child flood back to her, and it makes her question who and what she knows. With this digest companion, you'll enjoy: 

• A digest of the Go Set a Watchman

• Content for your book club or other group event.

• Stories beyond the digest and tidbits you may not know

• The book's impact and its important to read

• And more!

What other readers are saying:

"You can read it before you read the novel or after you read it as a supplement to the actual book."

"Very concise and helpful for our Book Club."

"It is full of story information, interesting facts about the novel and the author as well."

"This overview gave me an idea of what the book covers. From it, I have been able to decide whether or not to purchase the book."

"The Digest helped clarify the historical background. Beautifully written and deeply moving." 

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