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Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee | Summary & Analysis




Jean Louise Finch tries to go home again and finds tiny Maycomb, Alabama grappling with the emerging civil rights movement in the mid-1950s. Set nearly twenty years after the events in To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee’s classic American novel, Go Set a Watchman looks at the earlier book’s beloved characters in a different and, sometimes shocking, light. Go Set a Watchman, however, was written first, and became the groundwork from which To Kill a Mockingbird was developed.  

At 26, Jean Louise, who managed to grow up color blind in the Deep South, has been living in New York City. She arrives home for her fifth annual two-week visit, eager to see her father, Atticus. She also plans to see her longtime suitor, Henry ‘Hank’ Clinton, her brother’s best friend and junior partner in Atticus’s law firm. She thinks she may be ready to settle down and give Atticus some grandchildren, but what she discovers undermines every assumption she has ever had…


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Customer Reviews

John.Spencer1 ,

Love it

The story in this book is simply amazing and features many different characters that are very interesting to read about, and the book is summarized in a nice way. There's plenty of well described things in the book, and it was easy to understand as well. I absolutely loved this book.

Great2838637 ,

A great read!

This book has an amazing storyline. In the past, I've read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I've heard this story laid the groundwork for To Kill A Mockingbird so I quickly got my hands on one of these books. It was great to read about Jean Louise's future 20 years later. I highly recommend this book to readers that want a quick read summary of Go Set A Watchman.

John stanley55 ,

Awesome book!

The story is really well written, and really brings you to the generalization of what the books is about, and really draws you into by reading 10 pages of it, I finished the book in three days, and I've found the ending is the best, and is very surprising!

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