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Kayaking in Alaska or hiking the Appalachian Trail sounds like an amazing adventure, but how do you make a trip like that happen? It’s hard to know where to start! For the past 20 years Brett Friedman has been leading expeditions all over the globe giving people opportunities to have outdoor adventures that become life changing events. In GO! You can use the skills that he mastered as an outdoor educator and guide to create your own adventures. Using the same process outdoor professionals use to have amazing experiences, while following a safe, logical progression to ever longer, and more complex trips. Soon, people will hear about an adventure you had, and think, “I wish I could do that!” Follow the process of planning a backpacking trip, a cycle packing trip, and a month long kayaking expedition in Alaska. Then use the templates for these trips to create your own adventures, without paying guides or services. Having a life filled with adventure starts here.

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August 8
Brett Friedman
Brett j Friedman

Customer Reviews

johnnydburris ,

Plan you adventure today!!

Full disclosure; I am featured in this book. However, I have read it and continue to reference it when planning a new outdoor adventure. Brett has a way of making his knowledge, and the experiences of others, relatable to the point that we can use the information for our own benefit. Do yourself a favor; if you are considering planning an outdoor trip or adventure, take advantage of the information that Brett shares in this wonderfully laid out book.

JaeElEm26 ,

Great book for people starting up.

This book is easy to read and so helpful for stating your journey.

jwvand ,

Great for all levels of outdoor experience

I’d like to consider myself an experienced outdoorsman with a solid understanding of trip planning and outdoor gear, but reading this book has allowed me to broaden my knowledge on a plethora of gear-related gaps in my experience, as well as changing my view on how I plan trips. The author lays out multiple scenarios of trip planning in order to connect and provide solid info to both the the inexperienced and seasoned adventurer alike. The writing is to-the-point, honest, and explained in a very natural flow, which makes sense since the author is a NOLS wilderness instructor and current outdoor educator. I didn’t drastically change the way that I plan or go on adventures after reading this, but I picked up many useful tools to add to my planning procedures that both allows me to be more efficient with my time and more confident about my decisions while in the backcountry. I recommend this book to anyone who’s in a rut about gear, trying to figure out the logistics of a trip, or trying to broaden their knowledge on how to be a more efficient and adventurous explorer.

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