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Just when you think you're out...they pull you back in!

Retirement was all Jack Carson was looking forward to when he pulled the trigger and finished his last contract in Tokyo. Home sweet home now to his wife and daughter and the normal life he dreamed about for so long. The money was made. Enough to take care of his family for a long long time. All he thought about was being a dad and husband fulltime. No more contracts. No more assignments. No more secrets. But despite what you want...or how hard you try to get it...the world has other plans for you.

It's a normal morning as he heads to the kitchen and the coffee maker for a cup of morning joe as his wife takes their daughter to a swimming competition. In a split second everything changes. A car bomb meant for him explodes and kills his wife and daughter. He wakes up to a world he had no clue existed. A secret world controlled by a secret government in a war with aliens.

Filled with anger and revenge for the one who ordered the hit he takes the job offered to him by Oliver the leader of a secret government organization known as G.O.D. Or the Global Order Directive. Little does Jack know what's really going on. He discovers he has super abilities thanks to a little alien tech that was implanted in him while he was unconscious. He discovers there is much more to who he is and the truth about his past and what happened to his parents. He is much more than just an assassin. He is Earth and humanities only hope for survival against an alien threat that is determined to wipe out humanity and take over Earth.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 12
Bruce Savage
Smashwords, Inc.

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